Asia Aftermath - 125,000 Dead (Updated)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Chairman, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. Asia Aftermath - 100,000 Dead (Updated)

    17 minutes ago, ABC News reported just over 77K dead, not anywhere near 100K.
  2. Asia Aftermath - 100,000 Dead (Updated)

    I saw some video of an airplane over Sumatra and it looked like a damn nuke went off. There was this one town of 40k+ and there were only 2 building left there wasnt even rubble. The only known survivors where 40 odd people they found on a hill north of town. They said the area hadnt seen any aide of any kind. This is some pretty messed up sh*t.
  3. Asia Aftermath - 100,000 Dead (Updated)

    That's a LOT less Asians...
  4. Asia Aftermath - 100,000 Dead (Updated)

    you're still not funny.
  5. Asia Aftermath - 100,000 Dead (Updated)

    What sucks is that this hit a lot of the wrong asians. E.g. some of those Indian ocean islands have cultural and linguistic isolates that were near extinction already: this tsunami probably wiped out a few whole language families and cultures going back thousands of years....
  6. Asia Aftermath - 100,000 Dead (Updated)

    shut up.
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  8. Asia Aftermath - 100,000 Dead (Updated)

    hes a #$%#ing sick moron thats what he is. im out of words as to how sick and demented he is. His parents should of taken the advice he gave about that little girl who was born without a face and killed him.
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    Asia Aftermath - 100,000 Dead (Updated)

    and they're more significant than the multitude of people in Sri Lanka or elsewhere. shut up.
  10. Asia Aftermath - 100,000 Dead (Updated)

    oh wait i just found this out stewacide is from Canada, ill bet hes one of the supporters of the Tiger rebels that have been waging a civil war on my country for over 21 years now, no wonder he doesnt ahve any compassion for human life especially those from Sri-Lanka he just likes to murder people.
  11. Asia Aftermath - 100,000 Dead (Updated)

    well he did 'justify' infanticide...
  12. Asia Aftermath - 100,000 Dead (Updated)

    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> Good comment <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>!
  13. Asia Aftermath - 100,000 Dead (Updated)

    shut up frodo
  14. First article updated.
  15. We can't say "#$%#et"?

    Spelled like this: "P H U K E T".
  16. the news says the total is up to, if not over, 117,000. Not the 125K that Chairman wants us to believe.
  17. We can't.
  18. being from Canada has nothing to do with stupidness, moron.
  19. What news?

    Not on my article, which is from Reuters.
  20. yes it does, moron.
  21. That's weak.
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