Aston gets social releases20 new pics V12 Vantage

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    Aston gets social, releases 20 new pics of V12 Vantage on Facebook

    Reviews of the Aston Martin V12 Vantage are beginning to pop up around the interwebs and Aston decided to hype up the first drives by releasing an additional 20 photos of its new 510-hp GT through... Facebook. The real-world shots show a few more details of the hopped-up Vantage, including the racy carbon fiber hood vents, suede-lined seats and a eye-catching blood-red interior. Unfortunately, the V12 Vantage isn't headed Stateside, but rest assured, our non-essential organs are finding their way onto Craigslist for an opportunity to drive the new sports coupe abroad. Until that happens, check the gallery below for plenty of beauty shots.

    more pics @
  2. It just looks ruined
  3. Yeah I'm not too sure how to feel about this.

    Granted, I would give a testicle to own one. But yeah.
  4. how can that have made production? do people sneak these things through so that the approval mechanisms don't notice them?
  5. disgusting
  6. take one in black.
  7. "Unfortunately, the V12 Vantage isn't headed Stateside"

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  10. I disagree with this car. It's also far too #$%#ing expensive compared with the normal 4.3
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  13. Dear Aston Martin,

    Stop producing the DB9 over and over and over again. Kay thanks. The DB9 was a great car, but now you're just over-doing it.
  14. The intakes and scoops ruin the elegance of Aston Martin.
  15. wrong, should be

    Dear Aston Martin,

    Never stop producing the DB9, its the perfect car and there can never be too many.
  16. Understand the issue is with the seats and airbags.

    Heard from a person at the Nurburgring testing that it is epic.
  17. The V8 Vantage concept was made BEFORE the DB9 aesthetic was shown.

    This is all so typical You take the most beautiful car in the world, add some entirely functional bonnet vents and suddenly everyone thinks it's horrible?
  18. its not about the vents being functional - its about them looking like shit and not suiting the car.
  19. Yeah but henriksjostedt, no one on actually knows what they are talking about.

    So i wouldnt worry about it.
  20. If they ditch the two smaller vents and make the larger ones wider and a little bit shorter, then it would look stunning.
  21. Its got manholes now.
  22. I still rather have the V8 version.

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