Aston Martin AMV10 by Sabman

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  1. Like most rendered ruminations, we know absolutely nothing about these digital drawings of a car named the Aston Martin AM V10, other than they were penned by someone who goes by Sabaman. They're not new either, having been uploaded onto the interwebs about a year ago. Nevertheless, they're very good and show off a vision for Aston Martin's future that's become all the more relevant since the brand's been sold by Ford. Perhaps building ever faster versions of its current lineup won't cut the mustard someday soon, and Aston will begin considering a proper halo car. Such a low-slung, mid-engine exotic like this AM V10 concept could do the trick. It's swoopy with a familiar Aston Martin front face, but the rest of the body is pure sex. Again, we reiterate, these renderings are purely fantasy and nothing like this is being planned, but we wouldn't mind if it were. Thanks for the tip, Timon!
  2. i shot semen everywhere when i saw the thumbnails.

    then a decent portion crawled back up my penis after I saw the headlights/their placement. Gorgeous car, minus the headlights.
  3. If this is produce, this might be the best post-2000 Aston Martin so far.
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  5. Aston reminds me of Porsche. They still make DB7's and now they start squashing(?) them.
  6. Don't like it.
  7. I like it. Too bad it's just a rendering by some random guy
  8. if that was ever built, i would shoot gunk for a year straight
  9. it needs a shorter nose and larger headlights. The curvature of aston Martin fenders meets with the grille area, and on this is slopes down short of that and looks wrong. The back could definitely work pretty well for an Aston though. It reminds me alot of Rimon Gobrial's Aston supercar concept.
  10. reminds me of the cloverfield monster in a good way.
  11. Straight lines on the sides are vomitive.
  12. holy shit thats hot
  13. The rear end is nar perfection. But the rest there ahead would need arrangements: the front is too tall and that straight line ending on a curve surface on the sides is just wrong. So is the lower "spoiler" of the front fascias. Should be rounded and then applied a straight splitter underneath. Also those straight-cut lines on the sides don't work: they connect very curve surfaces, which doesn't add-up. The flanks should be rounded (more or less like the V12 Vanquish)convexely from the windows (that go too far without the door shut following it). And where's the side vents for air supply and cooling? Those small wholes ahead of the rear wheel arches would hardly do the job. And the wheels are too small...

    Or maybe it's just me...
  16. kewlz ur pic itz gawt landing litez

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