Aston Martin Cygnet Production Ceases

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    Aston Martin’s luxury city car based on the Toyota iQ, the Cygnet, is ending its production run that began in 2011.

    The Cygnet is Aston’s answer for the city car market, and was put together in part to help the brand comply with fuel economy regulations. The small Aston Martin was originally announced in 2010 and began production about a year later.

    Using a 1.3-liter motor, the Cygnet delivers just 97 hp. That small displacement engine helps this car run on very little fuel, offsetting the brand’s overall fleet mpg numbers, which are quite high thanks to Aston Martin’s V8 and V12 powered supercars.

    Shockingly, an Aston Martin spokesman said dealers across the globe still have Cygnets in stock.
  2. I'll give them $20 for the remaining stock.
  3. #$%#kkkkjkkjjjjjkkkk
  4. saw one in London a couple of weeks ago with Blitzschnell.

    there are only 143 on the roads in the UK. Wouldn't surprise me if they were all in London.

    Ridiculous car. Ridiculous price. May as well get an iQ for 1/3 of the price if you want something that small.
  5. I wouldn't surprised if half of all Cygnets produced were in China.

  6. that care is hilarious. i'd love to see a ferrari or lamborghini city car with a 1.3L wheezebox.
  7. For the asking price, I'd rather go for some kind of Abarth 500 Tributo Ferrari or Maserati edition. So much sexier and certainly more fun.
  8. I sort of like it. #$%# the lot of you.

    It's ridiculous, but it's probably not going to repeated and I like little curiosities like this.
  9. agreed. but I wouldn't spend more then 15k for one.

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