aston martin look alike????

Discussion in '2006 Jaguar XK' started by rnorman, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. This car looks like an American piece of SH**

    Ford should not f**k up a grate English name like SS Jaguar and be able to make lots of money in the process it is an absolute travesty.

    In regards to Aston-Martin they have let them make good cars so-far. So I cant see yhy they cant do the same with Jaguar.
  2. Contrary to what you may think, Ford is trying very hard to stop Jaguar from going completely bankrupt!!!

    Much damage was done to Jaguar back in the 70s when it was bought by British Leyland/BMC (says it all, doesn't it!) and it has never really been able to recovered from it. Letting Jag be Jag simply won't work (Ford has already tried that)

    After many false starts, i think Ford is starting to get it right now: they've restarted the Daimler name (they are still a rebadged Jaguar, but that's better than nothing, and almost a heritage that they have, like Bentley's Mulliner), they are starting to get the sedans right in way of the newest XJ (the Super 8 Portfolio looks sick), and now is the XK coupe and convertable which I believe is quite frankly an awesome looking car (much of the motoring press agrees from what I've read) and a huge improvement over it's predecessor. Hopefully, Ford may have struck gold in it's latest Jaguar revival attempt, because Ford seems to hold some of the gems of the British motor industry (Jag, Aston Martin and Landrover) and they all deserve to shine!
  3. Nice car.. but underpowered, should have at least 350hp
  4. They dont look anything alike in my opinion, but i prefer the astons looks cuz i think the lights on the jag look cheap!
  5. I agree! I think there is something veeeery Ford about the head and rear lights on this car! And its UGLY!
  6. omg...Thats exaclty what i was thinkin!
  8. come on, it is a 120 000 dollar car(atleast in sweden) and only 300bhp

    that is silly
  9. it looks like an aston, because it was designed by the same guy who designs aston martins.
    didn't know it would look so similar though
    go figure...

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