Aston Martin Rapide Facelift Spied Without Camo

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    AutoGuide’s spies caught a face-lifted Aston Martin Rapide wearing only the slightest bit of camouflage today.

    Previously suspected to be a Rapide S, the car is a little clearer now without its extra clothing and looks like a stylistically tweaked version of the current car. A larger grille, different lower air intake and new front bumper all hint that this is a refreshed version of the sport sedan first introduced in 2010.

    Apart from front-end changes, the spoiler also gets bigger. Its boisterous 6.0-liter V12 engine is also expected to get a mild power increase above its current 470 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque.

    Other minor changes could come before its official debut which is expected late this year or in early 2013.
  2. Damn, I almost want a fisker karma more
  3. Chromed, plz
  4. I like the idea of the Rapide but the execution is terrible. I'm not sure why anyone would buy one of these instead of any other Aston.
  5. Nice audi
  6. The concept was so sexy. But the shortened the nose and ruined the design.
  7. i think they look grouse
  8. I think this looks a lot better than before, but still not as good as the concept did. Its weird, the DB9 design is so perfect that even very small changes can ruin everything. This had the makings of being the sexiest saloon car ever made.
  9. Its a nice looking car irl. The clear taillights ruin the car though. They ruin all the astons. Whoever came up with that idea needs to suffer from instant bloody diarrhea
  10. it doesnt need camo co sit looks like every other frigging aston
  11. lol actually came in here to say this
  12. Aston Martin Rapide
    Skoda Rapid

  13. me too. They all look the same.
  14. The front valance is just getting too big on the Astons... looks like just a big area of nothing.
  15. I used to love Aston martin wtf happened ?
  16. who woulda thought a car that is pretty much a db9 with 4 doors would look the same as a DB9?!?!
  17. porsche facelifts are more noticeable than this
  18. ford
  19. Ford doesn't own AM anymore.
  20. ford made it good. I would say lack of ford is the cause for them starting to lose it.

    It's now under shared ownership by Prodrive, an investment banker, and 2 Kuwaiti investment companies, which basically means that nothing really gets done. No new real models since Ford pulled out.
  21. the One-77 is pretty awesome, but yeah that's probably just the Kuwaiti investors wanting to build a car for themselves.
  22. the One-77 isn't a real production car though, definitely not worth £1.7 million either
  23. Except it kinda was....I would think long and hard before picking between it and a Veyron or something. Definitely like it more than a CCXR/Agera. The quality is ridonkulous on it.
  24. The Rapide should become a hardtop 4 person convertible for me to like it

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