Aston Martin reveals DBS Ultimate online

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    Aston Martin reveals DBS Ultimate online

    Posted May 8th 2012 7:27PM

    Typically when an automaker releases a new car, we see it in a press release (whether embargoed for later release or not) before it pops up on their public-domain website. But not this time.

    The car in question is the Aston Martin DBS Ultimate, a vehicle whose arrival we were anticipating. Like the Ultimate edition of the Vanquish that came before it, the DBS Ultimate is a harbinger of the vehicle's departure from the catalog. A new model is expected to arrive in celebration of the company's centenary next year, but before it does, the last few customers will have the privilege of owning one of the few Ultimate editions of the DBS that will ever be produced.

    We've yet to receive word on just how many those will be, or what they will cost, but we can tell you that each car will be individually numbered. They will also feature special badging, a painted rear deck-lid spoiler, carbon-fiber wing mirror caps, a darkened grille, smoked tail-lamps, Zircotec-coated tail pipes and a choice of yellow, black or red brake calipers.

    The interior is decked out in diamond-quilted stitching on the leather seats and Alcantara headliner in either red or silver thread. Buyers will also be able to choose between three exterior paint finishes - Carbon Black II, Quantum Silver or Silver Fox - and order theirs in either coupe or Volante convertible body-styles and with either a manual or automatic transmission.

    We'll have to wait for that press release to come out to bring you more information - particularly on pricing and availability - by which time they'll all likely to have been spoken for. But you can check it out now on the company's website or in the screen caps we've assembled for you in the gallery above.
  2. i always get all the new astons mixed up

  3. still the best proportioned car out there
  4. and not ruined by overstyling/busy design
  5. those rear lights with CF inside are kinda busy, also it's hard for it to look busy since it's always the same car
  6. IMO they should follow the new design zagato started
  7. awesome... just drove past a black dbs volante today omw to the office... gorgeous car
  8. Front end looks very DB7. I like it.
  9. the stylist for this company has it porsche <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  10. Astons are just beautiful !
  11. it's hard for it to look busy since it's always the same car

    hm wat
  12. how can you ruin car making it busy when it looks the same as before?
  13. easily
    someone post examples for me
  14. if you lined up the current aston range how easily could you tell them apart without looking at the names on the back?
  15. Everytime i see an aston on the road i dont even know what model it is
  16. while similar in overall theme and shape... they are all subtlety distinct in their own way... i like their design philosphy... i think you guys just like having something to complain about, like women on their period.
  17. design philosphy? or they found a good design and abusing it? i mean, it's no porsche which it's always the same and you know always will, db9 was an evolution compared to a db7, while a dbs is a db9 with lexus tail lights as this new dbs is an old gen dbs with some cf details, sure it looks good, also if ferrari would still produce f40s it would look good, but i'm glad they don't so that i won't think that it bored me as astons do now, and boring doesnt mean it aint good looking, just always the same
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  19. preach
  20. The DBS does sound great in person.
  21. imo it sounds too similar to other astons
  22. From the front?
    From the side?

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