Aston Martin shows off completed Cygnet

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  1. 1) you have bad taste. The aston lineup is beautiful.
    2) Theyre plenty fast enough for a GT.
    3) They drive great. They might not be as sporty as the competition, but they dont aim to be. They also sound very good. Definitely not truck like.

    They have class above pretty much all other cars.
  2. 1. I admit that I have a bit of a 12-year-old's taste for styling. I like wilder stuff like the Zonda or (in an Aston competitor) the Ferrari F430 Scuderia/Gallardo/Alfa 8C.
    2. I disagree on this one. A car that struggles to get to 60 in under 5 seconds is pretty slow for this market segment, even if it is a GT. The M6 is a GT, but it's still properly fast without being too brutal or uncomfortable.
    3. I have never driven an Aston, so I can only go on what I've read/heard, but again, this is a taste issue. I like my cars to be quite sporty, and I have little tolerance for laziness in a GT car. Again, the M6 is just as comfortable and civilized as the Aston, but when you fancy a spirited drive, it comes alive. Comparing the sound of an Aston to its competitors is like comparing the sound of the Audi R10 to that of (ironically) the V12 scream of Aston's own LMP-1 engine.
  3. the style is beyond good, you may not like it, but if as you said the cars are always discussed as the most beautiful cars in the world there must be a reason
  4. Oh looks rike your contry is too #$%#ing liberar then!

    Traffic must be verra dangerous with all those handicapped people driving
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  6. 2. I literally don't know anyone, including myself, that truly cares about how fast you can go to 60 from a standstill.
  8. LOL, I quoted and then failed, so I quoted again without refreshing and this is the result.
  9. Power....

    Search for Works Prepared Aston Martin Driving Dynamics V600 Vantage.

    5.3 litre twin supercharged V8
    600 BHP
    605 ft/lbs/ 820 Nm
    ~2000Kg kerb weight

    200mph Top Speed
    3.9 sec 0-60mph

    There have been plenty Aston's that were the most powerful or fastest of their generation.
    1977 Series I V8 Vantage - faster production car at the time
    1987 Series III X-pack V8 Vantage was putting out over 430BHP, when Porches (911 RS) and Ferraris (GTB) were rarely breaking 300BHP and even the latest RUF 911 was 'only' around 375BHP.

    Go back more than 5 years and try to do more that scratch the surface if you're going to make sweeping generalisations like that.
    Oh and button your flamesuit up <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  11. Yeah, down to tenths of a second is just marketing and bragging rights.

    But if you *can* shift a 2 tonne car to 60 in under 4 seconds it does say something about the engineering. More than just claiming a 0.01sec 'victory' over a rival car.
  12. rightly so you have put your flamesuit on, this is a completely wrong post
  13. You should probably keep your opinions on Aston Martins to yourself, because they are more than just slightly retarded.

    Btw, GT's are not supposed to be balls out sports cars. If you want a pure sports car, get a #$%#ing sports car.
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    ugh, 20000rpm is an idiot.. he thinks astons sound like trucks

    this is just a V8, it does NOT sound like a truck in any way. the V12 sounds even better.
  15. herro prease

    I have herd that before
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    Old V8

    1989 Series III X-pack V8 Vantage:

    Enlarged to 5.7l with a factory big bore exhaust

    @1:05 .... sounds terrible doesn't it <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
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    Eeeeeer... no!
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  19. You talk about my english but you're the one who can't read. Read the posts again and then answer with a minimum of inteligence, ok? I said this car is for broads / gays / retarded. I excluded the broads cause an Aston is a guy's thing. You talked about handicapped and "some sex loving person" being unable to drive. I still can't see the connection between my statement and your reply.

    And if you have anything against my anti-american attitude, too bad for you!

    This car is just a leather-covered Toyota / Smart / whatever. And it's just one more reason for hating americans and what they can do to such an amazing car manufacturer!!
  20. Cannot have driving licence =/= cannot drive

    and that comments on reading comprehension. great.
  21. Hao de. Exactry that. Thank you for making my point clear!
  22. Completely agree.
  23. In Europe, you need to have a driver's license in order to drive legally, and I imagine that's the case in most countries.
  24. yeah... but what's your point again?

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