Aston Martin Vulcan

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  1. Well it doesn't race, it's not road legal and it's pretty damn ugly.
  2. There is a company converting them for road use
  3. Waiting for the DB11.
  4. Also:






    "Can't-use-them-anywhere-but-private-track-day hypercars" is genuinely a proper niche now.

    There's more of them on the tracks than there are Cadillac ELRs in Canada (only 69). It's a more important niche than the "luxury range-extender hybrid" niche!
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  5. Yeah i know it's a niche, but if you can buy any of those, would you rather have a vulcan? It would be the last on my list.

    Plus you can always buy a racer for the road

  6. At least Ferrari offered driving programs so you could bring your FXX out against other people.

    Speaking of the FXX and Enzo in general, not that it was ever the most beautiful car, but that thing really aged poorly... THe LaFerrari even with its stupid name is gorgeous comparatively.
  7. There may not be model-specific track events, but Aston Martin does put on events for their owners at a few locations. I'm sure they'll let Vulcan owners attend.

    You never know, it may end up that they have Vulcan-only events planned, but plebs like us probably aren't likely to hear about them

    EDIT: IMO Ferrari are doing what they're doing as a way of getting around the strict rules about testing in F1. Why not get your customers to harvest mountains of data for you while they pretend to be schumacher on their weekends off? Pretty good idea tbh.
  8. No, I agree it is a great idea what Ferrari is doing. What would be really great, because this is becoming such a "big" niche, is to have events to group together all of these cars.... but the companies would probably put a stop to that. They wouldn't want the bad press if one was just simply dominate.
  9. Srsly. It appeared difficult enough to get the big three on track together recently with all manufacturers agreeing to the terms
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  10. It's funny that I made this thread a year and a half ago, but the Vulcan is back at the forefront of my interest in supercars again because I finally got it in Forza 7, and just the fact that I can use it in that game is enough reason for its existence as far as I'm concerned. It's absolutely amazing in terms of performance, sound and even looks in my opinion. To make bumping this thread relevant here's an article about the updated AMR Pro package for it which improves downforce, and some pics of it in Forza.

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  11. Awesome, but **** people that put music over the engine sounds. Talking about how good it sounds while drowning it out with music... thanks fuckwad.

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