Aston unveils first completed One-77

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by SupraMan, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. 730hp and 1500kg according to EVO, so that's 494hp/ton, the SV has 429hp/ton, the Veyron has 521hp/ton. So this thing should be pretty damn fast.

    It seems like the fact that it's a front engined coupe makes people forget that it's more powerful than the Enzo, Mclaren F1, Carrera GT, Zonda F...etc. In fact it's more powerful than any other N/A car on the market.
  2. and BRAVO to AM for being daring and bold with their interior. I was so #$%#ing tired of cross-stitched bs that everyone goes with cause it looks so classy. it's just uninspired boring and lamely copied.

    The only thing I would have preferred is those damn seat belt adapters be less.. everyday. I can find adapters like that in a kia rio. Not becoming of a million E car. I have the same problem with the Veyron.

    Also, I'd love to see the interior done in earth tones with wood instead of aluminium accents. Loooove to see it.
  3. I'm glad someone else loves this car for what it is, I was getting worried that the PASSION was totally gone from these forums.

    It's cars like this that make me continue to actually like supercars.
  4. True, but this thing costs the same as a Bugatti Veyron. It won't be nearly as fast though. And cut the craftsmanship and engineering bullshit already, you can get that for less. Or if you prefer, you can get it on a Bugatti, which is somehow still more impressive. Granted, the Bugatti is quite ugly, but if you wanted beauty and craftsmanship together, what's wrong with the Vantage, or the DB9? Both have "craftsmanhip" and engineering (though to be honest, every car nowdays has engineering that's pretty outstanding) both are considerably cheaper. If those aren't impressive enough, Bentley will happily sell you an Arnage that's still built by hand. And the designers of that will have at least taken the time to make it distinguishable from its Flying Spur brother. The whole Aston Martin aura is a LOT more convincing when it isn't sitting in the same price bracket as the 800lb gorilla that is the Veyron. Maybe a mere half million dollars would have sufficed. But I wouldn't drop $1,500,000 on roid-rage Vanquish.
  5. I think it's brilliant, and I'm not a particular fan of Astons in general. As for your comments about the interior, don't forget each customer has a lot of leaway in how they spec the car.
  6. sexist car in the world
    i would kill to have this
  7. if I wanted Pagani levels of exclusivity and handcrafted everything - I'd buy a Pagani Zonda F. My problem with this car is that when the next generation of Astons are released a few years down the track they'll look very similar to this.
  8. WOAH it's actually made to be fast??

  9. But first you'll need an exclusive and handcrafted time machine to go back to before they were all spoken for, sold, and out of production.
  10. I like the Aston Martin One-77 but i don't think that it is really worth One Million USD
  11. You must be really rich to be able to afford either of these cars!
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  13. No but ugly it is. The alloy and carbon details in the engine bay, suspension etc. look pretty nice though....
  14. i like it. it looks striking
  15. Best engine bay ever!
    But they need to lose that tacky V12 badge
  16. agreed it looks stupid with that 7.3 V12 writing on it
  17. This thing is going to age really fast
  18. Yeah, but the new Pagani is not far away, so you're still gonna have the handcrafted thing done better, and lighter
  19. looks briliant love the body work
  20. I like it, just wish the grill was a tad-bit smaller.
  21. Starting to look better, but way overpriced.
  22. Anyone else reminded of the Shelby GR-1 Concept?
  23. Now you mentioned it, yeah.
  24. Isnt that the house james bond shot that guy in the leg
  25. Isnt that the house james bond shot that guy in the leg

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