at least its still up

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by TrueSportsCarMechanic, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. No humor though
  2. he understands the formulas behind humor but finds it a suboptimal form of communication
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  3. knock knock
  4. I was wondering where did TSCM go? Last time, you were all impressed with this car. :D

  5. His humour is subtle
  6. Who's there?
  7. XenForo and he is watching you.
  8. It was a rhetorical joke.
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  9. its true I was. been really busy lately. this is the first week in some time I have't worked double digit days
  10. Man oh man! What are you going to do with all that dough. :)
  11. It's been quite some time since I've been on this site myself. Just finished with Navy, currently in school finishing up my bachelors. You enjoy all the overtime?
  12. fixing things around the homes. 2 new roofs and i need to tear down a sunroom and build a 2 level deck.
  13. I can barely brush my own teeth
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  14. This place seems to had a slight uptick in traffic when the new version rolled out, now it's back to its dying ways.

    Everything good on my end. Waiting for you to buy us a LeMons car to bring the site together.
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  15. This site is indeed dying, the new format was needed 5 years ago
  17. Five not seven!
  18. Well someone just needs to nuke reddit
  19. yeah I'm amazed how many people right now are only reddit and imgur
  20. I'm working on it. ordered a starter and a brake master cylinder today
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