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  1. you can't force a lack of belief on someone. and is somebody telling a religious person to stfu about christianity the same as a christian telling a non-christian about the good news? saying god is bullshit means little. saying god is great continues to demean women and homosexuals.
  2. Maybe you should read the article.

    EDIT: Also, holy shit at "you can't force a lack of belief on someone."

    I just noticed you #$%#ing said that!
  3. I just did.
  4. I wouldn't go that far. I've seen far too many atheists whose tongues wag at every word that comes out of the mouth of people like Richard Dawkins, it comes incredibly close to deity. Especially when he imposes his own morality on people. I've even heard some atheists say 'we dont need god, we have richard dawkins'.
  5. exactly
  6. Laughing and facepalming at the same time.
  7. LOL at the responses in this thread. Atheism has become almost a religion. There are organized groups, they constantly lash out at believers, and they consider believers below themselves. You see it in politics, in the media, and in this forum (more so then anywhere else). They actively try to persuade the religious that they are wrong.

    Easy to say the world would be better without religion but pretty impossible to prove exactly where our moral ground would be without it. Furthermore, how many practical laws are based loosely on religion. I know the arguments about war, corruption, etc. seemingly caused by different religious beliefs, but how much has religion done for the world? How many missionaries are spread across the world delivering medicine and food. How many wars have not been waged due to religious beliefs? Impossible to know.

    Anyway, loud atheist are just as annoying as loud believers. People should seriously just STFU and believe what they want.
  8. Agreed.

    I don't find religion to be responsible for the evils of the world, just like I don't find it to be responsible for the good deeds of the world. It's a neutral entity, directed by human beings into either good or bad.

    Whether we do good or bad comes down to our own internal forces that are our human nature.

    If we're driven by fear, hatred, pride, jealousy, vengeance, then we're going to do bad things.

    If we're driven by love, compassion, respect, forgiveness, humility, then we'll do good.

    Religion doesn't necessarily have to work any one way.
  9. im more agnostic than atheist i think.
  10. I doubt that.
  11. Im more of an alcoholic than a pothead i think
  12. Religious people try to spread the word of god because they think that will make the world a better place; shouldnt atheists have the same right to spread a message THEY think will make the world a better place?
  13. lol, those practical laws are based on common sense and an innate sense of reciprocity. That's why they work as laws in the modern world, and that's why they're part of most functional religions.
  14. the basic argument of this article is the very thing i explained to Boris last week when he asked me about my opinions of this so-called 'new atheism'. i basically said, the worst of the bunch are no better than the fundamentalist theists they love to rail against. i hear shit from fundies, and i hear the same shit from them, from the opposite direction.

    not all atheists are like this, and doesn't include them all. but there's clearly a group of individuals out there who arrogantly (and somewhat inaccurately) brandish the words of Dawkins and Hitchens (both of whom i respect on certain topics and do enjoy to read) in an equally as unintelligent and unclever way that idiots like Luke brandish about scripture in uninspired and poorly-interpreted ways.

    they have a 'god-given' right to speak their minds, and can get #$%#ed in spite of it. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  15. These are the FACTS.
  16. So we all agree that idiots can be atheists or theists right?

    close thread please, any mods in here?
  17. I REALLY dont think we needed religion to tell us right from wrong. Hell in modern times when we moved towards secular society is when human right have finally started being addressed; in olden times when religion was law, murder and capital punishment was the norm.

    Can you tell me any morals we hold dear today that were directly instilled upon us by religion? Im sure you'll claim a good number... so then tell me which of those morals has gotten weaker since secular society.
    The point is, we live today and most of us dont steal or kill... and its not because of religion, it because we live in modern society and are cultured.
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    I'm just going to leave this right here.

  19. Yes. So what makes them better then believers exactly?

    Basically, what ScorpFerrari said.
  21. I think that's highly debatable. I'm atheist, yet I don't need a religion to tell me it's wrong to murder someone without reason. Certain things you shouldn't need a book to tell you.
  22. Why is it wrong?
  23. he clearly said it's 'impossible' to know/prove where we'd be without it. which is true. it's fair to assert religion isn't why we're not all murdering and eating each other and then raping the skeletons, but it's ignorant to completely remove it from the equation, certainly as Atomic did above.
  24. We humans are very dependent on each other in order to live and eventually create offspring so the race can survive and evolve. If we're killing each other on huge numbers then the race will eventually die.
  25. obviously we wouldnt be killing each other on huge numbers, but what about thinning out the herd? What about killing the weak, stupid and disabled? They're holding us back as a society.

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