ATI Radeon X series

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 5ftlongskyline, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. i'm just wondering if the X850 is a new addition to the series or is it old, new like came out less than a month ago, old as in came out more than a month ago..

    and does anybody have this video card yet?
  2. It was announced on December 1st, but I doubt many people own this board yet. The X850 XT and XT PE were supposed to be available by mid-December, but the X850 might not see the light of day before year end.
  3. the x850 is a little bit faster than the x800, something measely like a 30 mhz core boost or something? its still on ps model 2.0, word on the street is that nvidia is going to do a nv48 card afterall, you should wait and get one of those unless you want to buy a card right now, in which case, id still go with the 6800 ultra.
  4. *2.0b
  5. X850 ain't much better than the X800, cept for the fact that it is PCI-X only. SO no point in upgrading, save your money for a SLI setup (aka 2 cards on 1 mobo)
  6. PCIe not PCI-X
  7. PCI-X is "Peripheral Component Interconnect eXtended". PCI-e is "Peripheral Component Interconnect Express". You wont see PCI-X on anything other than servers.
  8. there is also the X800 XL which is faster than the X800 pro and also has 16 pipelines. and also comes in AGP version i belive.

    ive heard they are gonna come out with a AGP version but a date was not mentioned, yet since i heard that AGP would be obsolete later on i ran out and got my Nvidia 6800 Ultra.

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