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  1. I know that most of you guys believe that you're going to be stinkin rich but try your best to be realistic and try your best to not mention more than two cars. I'll probably never be able to do it but I hope to have an Exige some day. I'll ending up making close to $80k this year but owning a $30k toy (used) isn't easy. My ultimate dream car is a RCR40 Mk1.
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  4. Attainable: Grand National and Corvette
    Ultimate: F50 and CA770
  5. I almost chose the C6 over the Exige.
  6. My attainable dream car would be one I build myself over several years. My ultimate dream car would be one I design myself with a team to build it for me and an unlimited budget.
  7. Saw a black GT40 replica 2 years ago, and it was the most awesome looking car I had ever seen in real life outside car shows. It was extremely low and sleek. The compact shape looked more impressive than those big modern supercars like Enzo and Murcielago in my opinion. Didn't get to hear the sound though. It was in a parking lot.
  8. Attainable: The one I currently own, and Porsche 964/930 turbo
    Ultimate: CCXR Trevita
  9. Attainable: BMW M5 E60 (2nd hand of coarse, same price as a new pick up)
    Ultimate: Ferrari Daytona Coupe
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    Maybe it sounded like this:

  11. Realistic: RCR 917 replica
    Ultimate: a real 917 or something.
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    I experienced that sound at Laguna Seca. As loud as some of the Can Am cars that were there. Awe inspiring.
  13. well, considering that I don't think I'll be able to swing a "just for fun" car, I'll have to concede my attainable car as one I'll have made mine and will use everyday. For that, I'll take an R34 GTR.

    but permitted to dream a little, I'll find the Quaife R4 roadcar and redo it's SBF to be small displacement 4 valve heads with those hallow camshafts seen on the viper for full VVT. do a flat plane crank and balance the shit out of the motor and beef up the valvetrain and run it at super high rpm. shave down the deck and widen out the coolant channels. maybe boost it.
  14. Realistic: 240Z, or something like an old 911T/912
    Ultimate: F50
  15. Realistic Audi S3
    Ultimate Enzo
  16. Actually I could turn my ultimate answer to F50 as well, since it's pretty darn similar to what I would produce if I were to design a supercar myself with a team and unlimited funds.
  17. realistic E type convertible
    ultimate XKSS

  18. fine

    attainable road car/daily driver: Ariel Atom 300

    attainable track car: cheap 1990s F1 car

    ultimate road car: Ascari A10

    ultimate track car: Ferrari 412 T1
  19. When I was 12 I saw my first S4 and told myself it would be my first car... and it is! So I've got that one accomplished I think.

    Ultimate dream car would be a 962.
  20. Attainable- Audi S5 or Benz C63 AMG when I graduate. (Possibly LP-640 in the future if I decide to save for it)

    Dream- F40 or CLK GTR Roadster.
  21. Realistic: E92 M3

    Ultimate: Enzo
  22. i realize you're too embarrassed to say koenigsegg, but no one will laugh at you, i promise.
  23. Proud member of the Koenigsegg club.
  24. I would rather have an Enzo.
  25. I'm also not embarrassed to admit that I like Koenigsegg. I don't let one person ruin a car for me, that's retarded.

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