attainable dream car and ultimate dream car

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by mpg, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. Koenigsegg's are nice. Not my favorite supercars, but nice.
  2. Attainable: V8 Vantage
    Ultimate: Zonda F
  3. 80k? thats good what do you do?
  4. I'm a histotechnologist. I make microscope slides from tissue samples. I also teach and supervise some of the time. I'll probably make $78-79k this year because of a few hours of OT per week. It isn't as much as it sounds like when you're paying a mortgage, alimony and trying to save for retirement.
  5. true but thats a great salary in my opinion
  6. Attainable: 997.1 turbo (used).. probably after 3 years.
    Ultimate: McLaren F1
  7. attainable-supra twin turbo
  8. My attainable supercar would probobly be a CTS-V
    Unattainable would be ford GT
  9. too late now but I should've included current car
  10. current cars are 2003 chevy suburban and 1994 lincoln towncar
  11. Hopefully attainable in the near future; 106 Rallye S1 or 205GTI
    attainable further down the line; Delta Evo
    even further down the line; F355
    ultimate; F40
  12. Attainable: Porsche 930 Turbo
    Dream: Ferrari 250gt swb
  13. Attainable = used C6 Z06, new CTS-V, used V10 M5

    Dream = McLaren F1LM, Zonda-F Roadster, CCX-R, Veyron Pursang, F50, Enzo, converted to road legal FXX Evo
  14. i hope to have a standard C5 or C6 corvette by the time im 30, and my dream car would be the ZR1 or CLK GTR, prefrebly the ZR1
  15. First generation gallardo might be attainable someday.

    ultimate dreamcar would be an Murcielago LP670SV.
  16. Realistic - I've really no idea what'll be realistic to be honest. Realistic dream would be something like an M3 or RS4, but I genuinely have no idea how my life is gonna pan out in the next five years or so, so who knows?

    Ultimate - Probably an F1 LM, but I'd never turn down an F50, not in a million years.
  17. i just took it as if my life is going to stay the same, considering pay and work, to be realistic
  18. I'm adding to my ultimate list: Ferrari Dino 206 SP

    Have you ever seen a more beautiful car?
  19. Perhaps the prettiest and sexiest car of all time, but the GT40 Mk I beats it for coolness and meanness.
  20. Are there actually any cheap 90s F1 cars?
  21. I've seen some for 50ish but I imagine maintenance would be the price of the car several times over. Also, I'd want a few track cars before I strapped into any F1 car.
  22. Very Attainble: 450hp 350z

    attainable: used Z06

    total dream car: too many to list soo lets just say a cruise ship engine with a frame wheels and a cockpit.
  23. My attainable dream car is my current project car, which is on hold due too insufficient funds, a '66 Corvair with a rear mounted LS1 pumping out 400+ ponies, and many other goodies

    A pipeline attainable dream car is a chopped Volksrod with a mid-mounted V6 out of an early-mid '90s Taurus SHO, caged, IFS all around... mmm... sweeet

    Ultimate dream car? a '32 Ford Coupe with an engine similar to the old Chrysler Turbine Cars.
  24. Yes. The purchase price is extremely cheap, but the cheapest thing you'll ever do is buy the car!
  25. Yes

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