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  2. Two hotdogs are being boiled. One hotdog turns to the other and says: "Oh my god, we're being boiled!" The other hotdog turns to the first hotdog and says: "HOLY CRAP! A TALKING HOTDOG!"
  3. A horse enters a bakery and says to the baker:
    "Can I buy one kilo of bread?"
    Baker:"[email protected]!!2 You're a horse!Horse don't eat bread!"
    Horse:"Just gimme the #$%#ing bread will [email protected] Otherwise Ima kick your ass off! Jesus #$%#ing Christ"
    Baker:"Oh right oh right here you are."
    The horse leaves and the baker is saying to himself: "Omg what else am I going to see today?!"
    After 1 minute the horse returns and says: "Can you put it in a pouch because I'm riding a motorcycle?"
  4. moderating is back up in the premie froums..So behave. i won't delete you unless you are very>> very>>very bad.

  5. insert panda comment here >>> "im as bad as they come baby"
  6. I've been naughty, punish me sweety.
  7. aren't you already being punished by your mere existence?
  8. greece, I'll give you a MP5 K if you move there.
  9. shut up freak, idiot.
  10. you shut up, dyke.
  11. umm that is never going to happen you mindless troll.
  12. Remember who got a demodded. "The Silent Opposition" haha
  13. You're canadian?
  14. YES zook.....

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