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  1. Mine is FINALLY done, and I am so stoked!
  2. stupid kets
  3. Nice bike.

    Quick question: If changing the chainring from a 46t to a 48 or 50, and my rear wheel is already pretty much at the front limit of the dropouts, will I need a longer chain?
  4. that looks pretty sexy
  5. Yeah, adding teeth will require the addition of more links!
  6. Yeah I thought so. I'll probably just buy one of those chains with a master link (like SRAM Powerlink or something?). I want to be able to remove the chain to clean it once in a while.
  7. Ugh

    I'm sure you'll ride it in tight pants while listening to Teenage Wristband on your iPhone
  8. What the #$%# is teenage wristband?

    I'm gonna ride it in Levi's from Sears and an Old Navy Polo while listening to 50 Cent.
  9. Dude, get a half-link BMX chain like I did. So much adjustability.
  10. Oh wow that's pretty cool actually. Ok so how do you open the chain to remove it from the bike? I'm new to this obviously.
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    Chain breaker.

    You just push one of the pins out, remove or add links, then push it back in.

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