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    Perhaps if WAY2....claimed he owned a Cavalier and persisted (in having fun?!), people would just dismiss him altogether rather than trying to prove that a Vette is a better car.
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    It`s always a stale-mate.....SeansVette and I have been going at it for months, and same conclusion....GTR`s Corvette is better....etc etc. I`ve owned both...although the `vette was not a C5..and I`m sure had no semblance of the handling characteristics of a C5.

    It will never really be resolved..........
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    The difference is, it's much more believable for him to have claimed to have a Cavalier than having an NSX. I think it's as clear and plain as day that WAY2FAST4YOU is a BS artist of the lowest caliber. Resorting to *other* people's dyno charts and claiming them to be his in a desparate attempt to prove his side of a discussion. Isn't that grounds enough to dismiss him altogether? Somehow, you're not able to, and your stance on the discussion (did you even actually read the original 'Vette vs. NSX thread?) would probably shed some light on WHY you can't see it.
    And who said anything about proving the Vette is a better car? That kind of thing, as BoredUpR32 has said, is impossible to prove. WAY2FAST4YOU thought otherwise, and set out to slag the Vette based on his personal "ownership" experience of an NSX. If a guy's argument is based on utter BS...why do you persist in failing to recognize that?
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    If what I think is irrelevant, then why are you even acknowledging my posts? Makes no sense. Unless you enjoy acknowledging irrelevance.
    Spent all his money on the NSX and couldn't afford to buy a digital camera? LMFAO!!! What's $300 divided by $75,000+? I don't see how us beating the shit out of each other would settle any dispute whatsoever. I think WAY2FAST4YOU's inability to prove his NSX ownership COMBINED with his lying about the dyno charts has settled this part of the dispute quite convincingly: he's no expert on the NSX, anymore than you or I are experts on the Corvette.
    OK, let's play along with your hypothetical situations for a minute. Maybe he spent all of his oney on his so called "car" and he can't afford a camera. Or maybe he has the car but doesn't give a shit what I think. But why stop there? Let's take this even further (and address the reality of what's happened in this thread). MAYBE he doesn't even have the car. Maybe he lied about those dyno charts to bolster his claim of having the car. Lots of "maybes" here. Kinda odd how you side with him on the very unlikely and far-fetched hypothetical situations while ignoring what has clearly unfolded here, no?
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    How is that? Is that a typo on the dynosheet?

    No these aren't my dyno sheets, I stole them form the internet.

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    OK, enogh bickering, please. If he's lying, he's lying. If he does own one, good for him. It's a nice car. WHo cares if its faster than a Vette or not. To him, the NSX is the ultimate car. That's his choice. I've had the priveledge to drive one, an early model with the 3.0L/270hp motor, and although a very quick and agile car, doesn't have enough "grunt" for my liking, but my 96 C4 does. Does that make my car better? Probably not, but it's what I like.
    Can anybody understand what I'm saying here?
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    Just for fun here are some Corvette dyno sheets.
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    Good grief, why does everyone keep complaining about the torque curves on TT engines, the torque curves shown there aren't much, if any better than my RB26....

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