Audi A1 revealed

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  1. By Tim Pollard (artist's impression by Larson)
    27 August 2008 11:15

    Audi will launch its long-awaited Mini challenger in 2010. The A1, logically enough, sits at the bottom of the Audi family tree – and we’ve got the photos and sketches that reveal how the finished A1 will look, once the first models roll off the production line in Belgium.

    As ever with a new-car scoop, it's a classic case of jigsaw identification. Audi has given several clues to the look of its new A1 with the recent Metroproject Quattro concept car (click here for the full story on the Metroproject). Our new artist's impression (main image) reveals how the finished car will look.

    The A1 will use the VW group’s MQB modular transverse engineering package and there will be three different bodystyles: a chunky three-door hatch (revealed in our sketches), a roomier five-door and an open-top model. All will be under four metres long – unlike giants like the new Ford Fiesta – and aimed squarely at BMW’s Mini.

    The Audi S1: watch out, Mini Cooper S

    Being an Audi, Quattro four-wheel drive will be available – so S1 and Q1 derivatives will have the added traction gains allowed by all-wheel drive. The S1 is said to gain flared wheelarches and a 200bhp turbo engine for genuine pocket rocket thrills.

    Most Audi A1s will of course remain front-wheel drive and every engine will employ direct injection. The petrol 1.4 – the only unleaded engine on offer – will come in five different states of tune, stretching from 65bhp up to 200bhp in the hot hatch; diesel lovers get a 1.6-litre four-pot, pumping out anything between 75bhp and 130bhp.

    Transmission choices will be between regular manuals and a twin-clutch, seven-speed S tronic gearbox.
    And the green A1…

    Another green Audi which might go plug-in by 2011 is the A1. Again, it will probably be the five-door version which gets the nod for packaging reasons. (
  2. You post a lot of threads
  3. love the front, dont mind the back, hate the pillars.
  4. in before 0.1L

    looks nice, but FIAT > this
  5. Be wicked if they released a Diesel for NA, then give the car some spunk for the corners. Even if the diesel wasn't overly strong, be a sweet little car.

    However it will be an Audi, and that means German = overpriced to shit in Canada. These damn things will probably start in the low twenties for the base models.
  6. Looks too much like a Mini thanks. But 200 hp + turbo redeems it.
  7. would change a few things but overall it's awesome
  9. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>
  10. seriously you guys get a good deal compared to australia, they will probably start at like 30k here.
  11. Shit still smells rank, big lumps or small
  13. It's gonna cost too much money, I promise.
  14. I'd rather have an Audi A0 0.0L TFsi
  15. Mine has "Converse" decals on it.
  16. This gets a big fat "meh" from me, but A+ for effort AUDI.
  17. Hideous. Overprized fugly POS. Gimme a Fiat 500 anytime!
  18. I would rather have a fiat 500, suzuki swift,...
  20. I'd rather have the 500, never thought id say that before
  21. The 500 has ugly proportions, looks too tall. This one is better when it comes to that.
  22. It looks awesome.
  23. Perhaps to you, but not to the rest of us.

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