Audi A8 L (2011)

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by dani san, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Looks tired. The headlights are completely wrong IMO, and I don't think this is one of those things where you will get used to over time. We shall see I suppose.
  2. visually theyre the sexiest interiors I think. Aside from the steering wheel, is there anything that you'd change about it?

    The Audi's materials can be of the highest quality, but looking at it, I dont feel a thing.
  3. This is the gear lever btw
  4. too many shiny bits.
  5. i like the cadillac interior, but the Audi is better. I think Range Rovers have the best interiors, followed by Audi A8's, Aston Martins (apart from the crappy sat nav), 7 Series, S class and some Volvos have nice interiors (XC60) apart from the shitty sat nav again.
  6. That wheel is actually pretty nice. Way better-looking than the 4-spoke wheel on the Audi and on a par with the Audi's 3-spoker.

    I don't mind the shiny piano black on the V. The problems I see are:
    - shiny chrome (probably plastic) rings around the gauges and vents are chintzy.
    - that diamond-pattern print on the console looks like an imitation of I dunno what; Cadillac should have made it some kind of wood like the lesser CTS's.
    - there are still too many large pieces of plastic, for instance the panel on the door that houses the window lift switches, below the armrest.

    I do agree the styling is more adventuresome than the somewhat generic styling of the Audi. There are some very nice details in the Audi interior though. The mood lighting that makes the center console look like its floaring. The pop-up dash tweeters. The way the trim edges are radiused to give a solid look, despite the conservative architecture.
    The CTS/V should be compared to the A6/S6, however, and it does match up well enough IMO.
  7. shut up
  8. horrible

  9. thats a great interior
  10. What's that, a plastic manufacturing plant or something?

    Srsly though, Audi does have the best interiors.
  11. actual aftermarket accessory*

    seriously though, I dig that gear lever, it's different/interesting.
  13. I don't necessarily think Audi makes the nicest looking interiors, but their fit/finish/material quality is second to none.
  14. The old one was also a huge A4.
  15. no, the old one looked nothing like the A4
  16. Yep, they were totally different.
  17. im confused, isnt that the new a8
  18. old a8 is better

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