Audi A8 vs BMW 750Li vs MB S550

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by lucky strike, Jun 4, 2009.

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  2. The BMW fanboy in me wants to say the 7er, but if I were looking into these cars it would be a really hard choice

    I love the Audis interior the most
    I like the side profile/rear end of the BMW the best
    But the front end on the MB looks great
  3. I choose the fat old people car, ie. S-klasse.
  4. Mercedes


  5. The Audi no questions asked, I think it looks the best, the interior is the nicest and it benefits from the fact it isn't a BMW or a Mercedes, but I do like the 7-Series as well.

    The S-Class doesn't appeal to me at all.
  6. The Mercedes, obviously.
  7. Audi A8 for the looks. But I would choose S65 AMG over S8.
  8. The A8 just looks so much better than both other cars. none of them are ugly, the audi is just stunning.


    Love the A8's interior, the S550 has a nice interior aswell... the bmw's interior is boring looking, very bland.

    I dont mind if the A8 is slower than both other cars.. if i want a fast car, im not buying a big luxury-saloon.
  9. The A8's exterior does nothing for me
  10. S63 over pretty much any sedan in the world. Except maybe an S65.
  11. Same here. It looks old compared to the others.
  12. S550 like wh0a
  13. The BMW with the interior of the AUDI.
  14. S uber alles
  15. audi a8 but with the w12 engine and in avus trim
  17. S-class

    bmw does nothing for me
  18. Id choose the top of the line lexus barge and save 30 grand while getting a more comfy car.
  19. ughhh

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