Audi out of the ALMS for 2009 :( :( :(

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  1. Audi (probably) out of the ALMS for 2009 :( :( :(

    Audi announced today it would be focusing it's factory racing efforts only in Europe for 2009.

    Audi concentrates on European motorsport

    # Programmes in the DTM, at Le Mans and in customer sport
    # No activities in the 2009 American Le Mans Series

    Ingolstadt – Audi concentrates its motorsport programmes for the 2009 season on the new R15 TDI sport prototype for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the re-worked racing touring car A4 DTM and the newly developed R8 LMS for customer use in the GT3 class. Audi will not be represented by its factory team Audi Sport North America in the American Le Mans Series in 2009.

    As a result of its newly aligned motorsport programme Audi offers its motorsport customers a bespoke vehicle concept for the first time: Audi Sport developed the new R8 LMS specifically to suit the user-friendly and cost-effective requirements in the production-based GT3 class in international motorsport. The powerful 500 hp plus race car based on the Audi R8 is due to be delivered in order to prove itself on track throughout the 2009 season.

    The American Le Mans Series involvement will not be continued. Audi entered the American Le Mans Series in the year 2000 and has been instrumental in building up this championship ever since. The championship developed to become one of the most fascinating motorsport series within a few years, which offered and still offers the ever increasing fan community exciting motorsport. The ALMS is also recognised internationally and is regarded as the world’s best sportscar championship. "The decision to withdraw was a very difficult one also for these reasons. Furthermore, with the Champion racing team we also had a partner that operates at the highest level. The extraordinary dedication and precision of Team Champion was the key to Audi’s victories over the last few years in America. We achieved an unprecedented winning series together. Since the 2000 season Audi has won the LMP1 title nine-times in succession in this high-calibre sportscar championship. Our brand dominated proceedings last season by taking seven wins in eleven races. TDI in racing supported the market launch of Audi TDI technology in the USA perfectly,” says Head of Audi Motorsport Dr Wolfgang Ullrich positively of the AUDI AG involvement in the ALMS.

    Even though AUDI AG concentrates its factory involvement at European venues throughout the 2009 season in these economically tough times, the American motorsport friends will be treated to a premiere: The completely newly developed Audi R15 TDI sports prototype should make its debut on
    21 March 2009 during the 12-hour race at Sebring, Florida (USA). This international sportscar classic, which should be contested by Audi Sport Team Joest, is traditionally regarded as excellent preparation and final test-race for the 24 Hours of Le Mans (France). At the same time, the race at Sebring with its special demands made of man and machine guarantees excellent motorsport.
  2. Audi (probably) out of the ALMS for 2009 :( :( :(

    This SUCKS. Audi finally has some LMP1 competition in the ALMS with Acura and they leave, and they won't be taking on Peugeot in the LMS either. It looks like they'll do JUST Sebring and Le Mans and thats it. I could see them come back over for Petit Le Mans, but I'm not gonna get my hopes up.

    The only hope now is that Audi allows Champion Racing to run (and Champion Racing can afford to run) the old R10s in the ALMS again...
  3. Audi (probably) out of the ALMS for 2009 :( :( :(

    that does suck! racing world is on it's way to go SHIT
  4. Audi (probably) out of the ALMS for 2009 :( :( :(

    Yea, everyone from F1 to ALMS to Nascar is feeling the effects of the economy.
  5. Audi (probably) out of the ALMS for 2009 :( :( :(

    Update: Champion Racing has announced to its employees that the race shop will be closing operations as of 01/01/09...

    So no privately run Audis, or Champion Racing anything...

    Audi won't be doing ALMS or LMS, just Sebring & Le Mans.
  6. Who wants to put money on the next team to close shop? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  7. sad <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  8. mother#$%#ers
  9. This is depressing news.
  10. Shit... what next?
  11. fack sakes
  12. so why are they making an R15?
  13. They're not likely out forever, just for this year. Still gotta develop the cars so they aren't left in the dust by the competition.
  14. I'm hearing that Corvette's program may soon be totally cancelled as well.

    This will surely be a year of survival for the ALMS...
  16. They will be missed....but at LEAST we'll see someone besides Audi win the championship in '09!
  17. One positive is that Acura has 2 1 car teams instead of 1 2 car team how Audi does. That way the 2 Acura teams will truly battle with each other for the championship the way 2 factory Audis never would.
  18. Honda must be really happy to hear this.
  19. I'm sure they're not at all... Winning when you're not competing against anyone isn't very gratifying and going against a world class team/car like Audi is the best way to improve your own program.
  20. at least BMW is in the running for this year!
  21. At least it will be nice to see Acura win the championship next year.
  22. They could win P1 and P2 championships. I hope Dyson in their new Lola Mazdas give Fernandez fits though.

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