Audi R8: Design Analysis

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. srsly, such a classy looking sportscar. so hott
  2. Its like, the only midengined supercar I can think of you can drive without people thinking you're compensating.
  3. You see the turtle? And what about that strange body panel? It´s there to blur the fact that the wheel base is too long.
  4. Wait since when do people bash the R8? it's the best looking modern car you #$%#s
  5. Wasn't he Dutch?

    As for the R8 ... I think it strikes a pose on the road.
  6. wheelbase is too long? stfu Mr. Worst username ever
  7. I think it looks great.
  8. youre such an idiot.
  9. Not bad..could use more motor but its good for what it is (cheap gallardo)
  10. I've always said it would be looked at like a dolled up TT.

    VAGina's scoffed.

    who's scoffing now?

  11. It is such an awkward looking car. It looks like it could be front engined and that sideblade thing is so odd.
  13. Post Avatar.
  14. nice tt's in this thread
  16. Awesome, thanks.
  17. one of the best look cars this decade
  18. That is if you exclude the TT.

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