Audi R8 - The “big bang” of dynamism

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  1. Ingolstadt, 2006-12-01

    Audi at the “Design Miami/2006” exhibition in Florida, USA

    Spectacular exhibit within the framework of an exclusive event
    Audi as part of the progressive design scene
    Audi is presenting the brand new R8 at a unique international design scene venue with a spectacular exhibit. The “Ignition R8” installation, based on the mid-engine sports car, is one of the highlights of “Design Miami/2006”, which will take place in Miami, Florida from 7 to 10 December.

    “Our new sports car will become part of the design and art scene by way of an object that expresses the ultimate sportiness of the R8 in a sophisticated, artistic way”, says Walter de'Silva, Head of Design for the Audi brand group.

    The ignition, the “big bang” of dynamism, the moment when power is created and transformed into motion – this is the theme of the approximately ten-metre-high sculpture. Teardrop-shaped arrows aimed at the silver sports car shoot across the room, expressing the impulsiveness and speed and conveying some of the potency of the R8.

    Audi will be the first automotive manufacturer to be an exhibitor in Miami. Unlike most companies that function solely as financial partners at events of this kind, the brand with the four rings is itself providing creative input.

    “We are appearing at Design Miami/2006 with an extraordinary exhibit within a vast installation, not only as a sponsor but also as an element of the international design scene”, says Bernhard Neumann, Head of International Exhibitions at AUDI AG, emphasising the significance of this event.
  2. neat, however this thread is useless w/ out pics <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  3. Audi R8 = best luxury car on planet earth, i love thing this
  4. Are you serious? It's a nice car, but that's incredible hyperbole.

    I'd rather have an Aston. Cost no object, I'd rather have a 599 GTB with bluetooth and nav and all the luxuries. Or a Bentley Azure. Or recline in the back of a Maybach 62S. Best luxury car on planet earth?
  5. Wut?
  6. The Rolls Royce Phantom is the best luxury car on planet earth.
  7. The phantom is too tall for my liking.

    But I still like it.

    Don't hate.
  9. I'd rather have a Maybach 62. Yes, I have no taste. But I wouldn't have neither of them after all. I prefer driving.
  10. you're retarded its not a luxury car.
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    i luv' it

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  12. how can u post images pn this forum ?? can anyone help me ?
  13. hey Ali G, check this out:
  14. Surely it's a bit difficult to love something that hasn't even been released yet...

    The R8 certainly looks infinitely better in live-action footage than it does in pictures, but I'm still not sold on it yet. The real clincher will be to see how it compares to the 911. I very highly doubt that the very first R8 will provide a better drive than the 911, but if it can prove itself to be at least a worthy competitor then it will become very desirable indeed.
    Here's hoping that it doesn't lead to a conflict of interest with Lamborghini though...
  15. omg look! an intelligent member! +1

    lol at panda beat
  16. thanks !
  17. I will be quite surprised if it WONT be a competitor to the 911...

    and i highly doubt conflict with lambourghini... i mean it IS lambourghini after all, its just a different ball park. its kinda like comparing bentley continental GT to an M6, the m6 is quite similar performance wise but the bentley is a bentley
  18. What I mean is, Audi own Lamborghini. If they have an interest in creating their own supercars, it could lead to either the Audi or future Lambos becoming "nerfed" to some degree. There's already been tension over putting a V10 in the R8, what with the R8 already using the Gallardo's chassis.

    And there's a difference between being billed as a competitor to the 911 and actually delivering. Given that the R8 is a new line of car, and Audi being Audi, the driving experience will probably feel quite disconnected, and the 911 (being a model with decades of fine-tuning under its belt) may well out-handle the R8 off the racetrack. I'm just wondering if Audi will end up producing a noteable also-ran or a genuine alternative, which means everything in the world for the R8's credibility. Not to mention, of course, that to truly be on the 911's level it would have to function with equal proficiency as almost an every-day road car as well as a benchmark track car.
  19. The R8 doesn't use the chassis of the Gallardo, it uses an all new designed ASF.
    And seeing how the RS4 turned out, they probably know what they'r doing.

    And also considering the RS4 is only 4 seonds behind the Carrera S on the ring and 1 second slower on Hockenheim, i will have no doubt the R8 is gonna be just as fast if not faster then the Carrera S.
  21. oh shit i thought we were talking about the Audi A8 OR S8.

    Nevermind the Audi R8 looks pretty sick. Whats the price of entry going to be?
  22. I love this car.
  23. Sigh. Hooray for dodgy journalism, I read in an American magazine on my way back from holiday that it was using a modified Gallardo chassis.

    There's no denying that Audi has really been excelling lately, and it's not impossible that the R8 will outperform the 911. This is the first time they've tried their hand at a proper supercar though (unless you count Lambo or the Le Mans racers, which I don't), and I would be absolutely amazed if they got it perfect on the first try.
    Also, keep in mind that at $130,000 the R8 will be priced close to the GT3's territory. There's a pretty hefty performance difference between the basic Carrera and its more expensive derivatives.

    Anyway, don't get me wrong: the R8's infinitely better looking than all of Porsche's current range and I think it's about time someone wiped the complacent smirk from the aforementioned brand's collective face. I'd very much like to see it outperform the 911 as a racing car and be an equally viable road car as well. It's just that the 911 has been around for aeons and, from an engineering standpoint, has reached a level of competency that could be described as supercar nirvana. Audi will really need to pull out something magical to do the job, and I'm just commenting that the odds are definitely against them. Anything beyond idle speculation is pointless until the press gets to thrash the thing around, however.
  24. Borat would be proud.
  25. =)))))))) ... he is god *** funny ... you gotta' admit it ... i laugh every time i see the series Aly G ... it has just began here in Romania

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