Audi RS 4

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by BlackendRoseRX7, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. if anybody could please post some pictures of this wonderful car in Black, it would be greatly appreciated.

    or you can link me to the thread where they already exist, unfortunately right now i am on the run and cannot search.

    thanks ahead of time!
  2. Such a good looking car.

    I really need to save all of the pictures that will hopefully end up in this thread.
  3. My favorite current Audi sedan.
  4. one of the best looking sedans ever made.
  6. This over M5.
  7. you sir, are the man.

    and i thank you much.
  8. also, they sound like real monster / nascar

    I lov ethem
  9. Sexy, but better as wagons.
  10. Ouch! Or as we say in Portugal, FODA-SE!
  11. I want a convertible one badly

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