Audi S8 + Viper ACR vs 911 GT2

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by mpg, May 19, 2008.

  1. I would like to choose the first option, but one who owns a Viper is one who demonstrates his own failure.
  2. Assuming the GT2 isn't a 993, I'm going for the luxury and powaarrrr of the S8. I couldn't care less about the Viper.
  3. 993 or 997, i'd take the GT2. if we're talking 996, i'll have the S8, thanks.
  4. I really like hte S8, ill take that and sell the viper
  5. maybe LS460L+viper ACR.

    really hard pick tho. The GT2 would drive better than either, esp on the track, but the viper is just so bonerific.

    complete tossup for me.
  6. S8 and Viper don�t fit into my garage, GT2 please
  7. Maybe R8+Viper ACR.

    But GT2 for me.

  8. GT2 for me too
  11. If it's the 996 GT2 then I'll take that.

    But how could you say no to a badass motherucking ACR and a luxury power-cruiser like the S8?
  12. Option one. ACR or S8 would be enough car for me separately, so I think both would do nicely.

    GT2 is nice, but not nice enough to pass over two other perfectly competent cars.
  13. 2 great cars or 1 great car? easy choice.
  14. 2002 S8 and 996 GT2?
  16. I also like the Lexus more than any of the full size German sedans. I chose the S8 because I thought it would be popular on this site.
  17. have you ever seen an S8 irl?
  18. yah, and the LS460 is nicer/roomier/comfier and overall a better luxury car.
  19. Yeah but I'm not into sport sedans. I'm not into luxury cars either but at least the Lexus is better at being a luxury car, which is the main function of the LS460 and the S8.
  20. the ACR is amazing, and would probably take the GT2 on a track

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