Audi stunner has Jaguar in sight

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  1. 20th July 2006
    The 5 really is alive - and in this week's mag we've got the pictures to prove it! Following months of speculation, Auto Express can finally take the wraps off the Audi TT's sensational big brother - the A5.

    A stunning grand tourer that offers seating for four and ample luggage space, it will go on sale this time next year.

    Based on Audi's all-new adjustable platform, which can be adapted for nearly any size of car and will underpin the next-generation A4, the model will see Audi take on BMW's 6-Series and the Jaguar XK in the premium coupé class for the first time.

    As you can see from our pictures, prepared using insider information, the newcomer will have styling based on the firm's 2003 Nuvolari concept.

    At the front, the A5's nose draws its inspiration from the new TT, with narrow headlights and a prominent square grille that extends from the bonnet. A high shoulder line, small glass areas and huge alloys - likely to measure 18 inches as standard - give the car real visual presence.

    The looks are enhanced by a wheel-at-each-corner stance, bulging arches and a chunky tail featuring a subtle boot spoiler. Our spy photographers have already caught early development mules testing on the road. Larger than the new BMW 3-Series Coupé but smaller than the 6-Series, the A5 will have more room for passengers and luggage than either, thanks to Audi's new platform system. And because the layout places the engine as far back towards the centre of the car as possible, the newcomer should be very stable, with excellent agility and sharp responses.

    Range-topping models are likely to get Audi's Magnetic Ride system. This uses dampers filled with a fluid that increases in thickness when a magnetic field is applied to it, allowing their stiffness to be constantly adjustable.

    The entry-level front-wheel-drive model will be powered by a 161bhp 1.8-litre turbo engine, while quattro four-wheel-drive versions get either a 197bhp 2.0-litre turbo or 247bhp 3.2-litre V6 units. Diesels will include Audi's 230bhp 3.0-litre V6 TDI. Manual, auto and DSG sequential manual gearboxes will be on offer.

    The A5 makes its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March, with sales starting later in the year. Expect prices to kick off from £30,000. A 339bhp 4.2 V8-engined S5 will arrive in 2008, with an even more potent RS5 following in 2009. (AutoExpress)
  2. Think Nuvolari.
  3. A5 = A4 coupe
  4. AutoBild never fails to entertain me
  5. I think it will be more a BMW 3 coup� and CLK competitor. By the way, I think it will share the engines with the upcoming A4, so maybe we'll se a little more hp.
  6. Audis design has never and will never come close to Jaguars. What audi has is best refered to as anti-design.
  7. I think Audi design is 1000 times better than Jaguar's
  8. You are probably a boring man who likes the colour grey.
  9. You've apparently never seen a Jaguar E-Type.
  10. Which has a ton to do with current designs.
  11. while Audi is nice, it will still never have the design grace that is associated with Jaguar. E-type and last gen XKR.
  12. I think he was referring to current gen designs, not the beautiful Etype and Dtype.
  13. Well I was referring to both companies overall designs. Jaguar has lagged a bit as of late, but overall, Audi isn't even in the same ball park as Jaguar.
  14. Like all new Audis, boring to look at
  15. 2nd pic screams BMW 3-series coupé
  16. agreed

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