Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes-Benz

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by XporscheX, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. As a BMW fanboy i have to say Mercedes Benz

    I have recently fell in love with them again and cant wait to buy one.
  2. Mercedes for me. comfortable and fast like no other... perfect for everyday
  3. Just ignore him. He always sticks something up his ass before he gets online.
  4. haha alright
  5. BMWs and M-Bs are altogether to common.

    I like Audi.
  6. It is a very hard choice between Mercedes and BMW. i hate audi.
  7. Because some people want to have a car that can do both, well Audi's not really as sporty as bmw's, but they are definitly closing the gap.

    I go for Audi because

    1: Brand history
    2: Very beautiful cars
    3: Love the Interiors (Also they have awesome interior Quality)
    4: Greatest 4wd system in the world on snow & ice

    So that's why i'd take Audi over Bmw & Mercedes.
  8. BMW cause they have the M3
  9. fa' show' money ....buut tooodaaay we have the M3 kickass car ...which isssssss... HIS HIGHNESS THE MIGHTY ........ RS4 ... I DEFINETLY ! DEFINETLY CHOSE AUDI ! ... the bmw fans put audi on the last place ...guess why ya all...they' scared of what audi can do to them bmw as@@@ ... ok now ,no offence ... just that ... that's ma' opinion ... and what i think playas... it's close brothers ...Audi vs. BMW and VW. vs. MB' ... VAG are gonna kick ass... if some of you daun't' ok ya' ...everyone is in title to have a personal opinion !
  10. sory ... so the idea is ... more experienced men ... say you buy with a bmw ... speed and a brand ... and a bit of design ...for those who like it ...and a premium car ... haha.... Mercedes... long way rides comfortable beautifull inovative ( gagets and toys ) medium fast premium SPACE CRAFT ! ... Audi ...a car that tryes to do both ...and succeses ... closing the gap to the first place ( bmw ) and everything else bla guys know that ... so the first place may be BMW but why... if you take 4 door 130i for a ride longer then 50 Km and u stay in the back you will have knee pains for a fiew days ... while a golf R32 coupe' can be more practicall ... and faster !!! and cheaperrr !!! and better made !!! and 4WD !!! for gooooooood sakes .... and it's a VW
    ... audi on second place ...for it's alll in one qualities ... buuut you can have a mercedes for that too...basicly talking ... so it's all about opinion and seriously testing when you want to buy one of these cars ... i'd say ... that's what i think you can like a BMW so then... why buy an Audi ... buy what you like people ... cause you should enjoy the ride that you buy for the next few years you don't want to spend money on a car that you afterwise ... purchase regret :d good luck 1
  11. Did anybody understand Aly G's post??
  12. No, but i suspect that's the point.
  13. it's Ali G not AlY G.

    now there will be someone who will name himself borat and act stupid on here.

    and for M3 there is always the much better RS4
  14. BMW becasue at least they are trying to be creative (bit of a failure, but drivers car non the less)

    If i wanted an Audi I'd buy a Skoda.

    If i want to buy a mercedes, i would kill myself, becasue i know i am not far from the grave once driving a Mercedes...
  15. MB produce approx 1,1 mio cars in 2006 and so will BMW. Audi will produce close ti 1 mio. Audis are not exactly rare
  16. i said ... you will spend the nest few years driving the car that you bought so the last thing you wanna do is to listen to what others say aaaand spend 20.000 euros on something that you dislike ... therefore ....good luck in buying what you like and macking the best decision when buying a car !
  17. depends, E30 M3 and 2.7T RS4 are two of my all time favorites.
  18. no i just wanted to explain them 2 ....what i said they could get a hold of it
  19. wtf, your posts make no sense
  20. wtf you find no sense in .... buy the car you want !!.... not the car that won a comparison test in the AMuS that so ...non sense ??????? buy the car you want !
  21. If you wanted a skoda, and bought one, you would end up with a skoda, not a audi...

    there is a Very big difference between them.
  22. Get hooked on phonics, srsly.

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