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  1. Anyone been to Brisbane or lives there? Just want to kinda understand what it is like, I think my aunt and uncle (non blood related) live there, but I don't talk to them often at all.

    Is it warm? housing is reasonable?
  2. Very nice city.
    Warm/great weather, housing is "reasonable" compared to other cities in Australia, not far to great beaches, decent population size....
  3. All of Australia is shit.
  4. haha, to be honest, I was going to ask about Auckland as well (to kiwis of course). As much as I love winter now, I kinda want to try a place outside of Canada, plus I think its pretty easy to emigrate to one of the countries down there cause of the commonwealth thing. Somewhere warm.
  5. Def somewhere in the northern half of Australia. Don't bother with Un Zud if you want warmth. Queensland (where Brisbane is) is a safe bet.
  8. Oh
  9. i spend a lot of time in brisbane, although i live in a small town 130km away.
    yes its warm, summertime temperatures are normally mid thirties (celsius) but the humidity is always high. the good thing is, winter temperatures are very mild (i dont know the temperature it gets to in winter because its normally very comfortable. also, we get more sunny days than the southern states.

    our housing prices lag behind the market, so they are continuing to rise steadily, and there'll always be a demand from southerners moving up to queensland (for the climate).

    what else do you want to know?
  11. sif up sif
  12. i dont speak wog
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  15. hmmm ok, sounds alright so far.

    Major industries? im looking at anything to do with boats, or diesel engines. I can kind of see some similarity between brisbane and vancouver, although I wish I could truely compare the housing/job market. I dont think it is possible though.

    oh and suburbs. I tried looking through a real estate page but all it came up with were 50+ places and "investment only" deals? This was when I just looked up random places like Redcliffe, so i dont know if there are just areas that only retirees go to or what. It was confusing for me.

    lastly (for the time being), they got trains eh? good public tranist?
  16. My cousins husband actually co-owns a boat building business on the Gold Coast, which is very close, and just south of Brisbane.

    I'm not sure on those other questions.
  17. theres tons of jobs for diesel mechanics.

    redcliffe is a fair commute to brisbane, as its on a point. have a look around on google earth.
    a lot of industry (especially for diesel mechanics) is located in the southern suburbs.

    public transport in brisbane is not quite as good as sydney or melbourne. you definately need a car to get anywhere other than the cbd.
  18. Even in winter the average daily temps is like 21 C/70 F. Surprisingly it doesn't have as many extremely hot days as Sydney and Melbourne but the average is a lot higher, around 30 C in January.
  19. i think the humidity is a lot higher in brisbane during summer.
  20. just move to brisbane. you would have to be a complete herb if you didn't like it. bishes out the wazoo, great climate, beaches, hang out with hsvvtiigts, go watch browny deck ****s etc etc.
  21. Yeh probably. The thing with Sydney's averages on wiki/BoM is that it's deceiving since Observatory Hill is on the Harbour (right next to the bridge in fact) so is always a fair bit cooler than Sydney really is. Penrith's average, for example, is about the same as Brisbanes, but almost certainly less humid. I don't mind that dry heat though, to be honest.
  22. obsiviously hanginn out with me would b the highlight
  23. was going to login in on ur account and reply to myself but it seems ur one step ahead of me lol.
  24. Transport in Melbourne in general is still lacking - a lot of congestion in most places.
  25. im not sure about melbourne public transport, i havent been there.
    sydney's system is far better than brisbanes.
    either way, a car is vital.

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