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  1. People hate Sydney's public transit but seriously I think they are just whingers. Fact of the matter is Sydney covers a #$%#ing large area.
  2. you may want to try arnhemland.
  3. yeah, my911turbo and webber were both complaining about it when i met them in 2007.
    but my experience of it was superb (mind you, i didnt venture south of the airport, or west of darling harbour)
  4. melbourne's public transport system wasn't too bad up until a few years ago. when people moved from driving to catching the train because of fuel prices and the population in general accelerated it went downhill pretty quick. lack of foresight i guess.
  5. Pretty much if you aren't near the city or aren't on a train line it's pretty shit. I live in between two train lines and on a good bus route so I have like 10 services an hour that will get me into the CBD in 20-30 minutes during the day and 4/5 at night.

    All the people who live in McMansions in the northwest and than can suck it.
  6. yeah, well thats the downside of living in outer suburbs.

    in brisbane, everybody accepts the fact that you have to drive everywhere. so noone complains about the trains, they complain about the idiot that crashed on the motorway.
  7. awesome, thanks a lot buggati/others. So I guess the rental market is alright then? not too crowded? up here it can get pretty bad.

    I figure if it were to happen in the future, id probly rent for a bit then see whats available.

    Im used to a shitty transport system in my hometown, so I guess travel by car would be interesting lol. I used to make commutes of 30 km one way to work, so that does not faze me.

    any local online classifieds? like craigslist or something.
  8. Yeah, in my new hood (south of the river this time) even in the middle of the day on a weekday during a normally quiet time there is still more traffic than you'd expect. But it could just be this time of year.

    There's also that recent info about the M1 - adding another lane but in 10 or so years it still won't be enough. Haha.
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    rental vacancies are at like 2-3% i think, which is quite low. renting would be the way to go for the time being though.

    this site has a pretty good range of rentals and such
    you need to be looking at stuff in inner west brisbane and south east brisbane. brisbane south starts to get into Beenleigh and Logan (which are shitholes filled with Samoans and crime)
    northside is probably not good for someone working on the south side because you have to cross the river over the gateway bridge ($3 toll).
    inner suburbs have older houses commanding the same price as newer houses further out.
    areas like st lucia, taringa, indooroopilly (you'll get used to all the aboriginal names) are filled with uni students, which bumps the price up a bit, but those areas are lots of fun.

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