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  1. Whats a good website for buying used cars in the Brisbane area?
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    It covers the whole country basically.

    Why are you looking at buying an Australian car, do you want a VL?
  3. Whats a VL? I might be living there for a year or so.
  4. The type of car Aych Ess Vee drives.

    Thats awesome that you might be moving here. Are you moving for work, family or climate?
  5. I recommend the VL Commodore.
  6. what amount of money would you spend on a car?
  7. The VL Commodore is the car for you. Brilliant piece of engineering.
  8. Try to buy one with a Peter Brock Energy Polarizer in it.
  9. I endorse this post.
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  12. Im going with my g/f just for fun. She was born there. I dont want to spend too much since I wont be using much and Im only planning to stay for a year.
  14. Im asuming "rego" is some kind of aircare? What else do I need to know about owning a vehicle?
  15. rego is registration.

    It covers your ... registration, and your compulsary 3rd party insurance.
  16. Buy something that is currently registered.
  17. But honestly, if you're only going to be here for a year, and spending 5000 or less on a vehicle, you should be looking for:

    Holden Commodores - post-1994
    Ford Falcon - post 1994
    Toyota Camry
    Nissan Pulsar
    and most other 1990s hatches are decent.

    They should last you.
  18. moar skin!
  19. God I hate these uTes
  20. i'd also advise to get 3rd party fire and theft with an insurance company. personally depending where you live if you're near the city and can catch the bus and train pretty easily, i'd do that. if you're out deep in the 'burbs a car is a good idea. but you will be paying ~$1100 - how much is rego in qld? - just for the privilege of putting your car on the road for a year on top of the cost of the vehicle.
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    Also, public transport is rubbish in Brisbane, a car is vital.
    If she has family in Brisbane, get them to organise buying the car, Rego and CTP.
  22. Public transport is rubbish everywhere compared to overseas, even in sydney

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