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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by crossroads, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. I need to do some light stuff on auto cad, and just wondering if anybody knows where I can get a free version of auto-cad or a similar program.
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  4. use 3ds max man
  5. Inused tomdoenload that program just in case i needed it

    Never really nedded it
  6. Use revit, bro
  7. You can download 30 day trials on autodesk. Pretty much each of the versions is full autocad plus special stuff. Should all at least have the simple stuff. It's what I use to moonlight at home
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  9. can i use that with an android device
  10. can i use it with a MeeGo device?

    *points nose into the air*
  11. you can only do a plan of the inside of a locker on those devices.
  12. disgusting
  13. i tried solidworks, its not bad either, better than the new "Inventor FUSION" or whatever from autodesk, earlier versions of inventor were way easier to understand
  14. I use Autocad + Cadworx for intelligent piping/PID/steel at work. Been wanting to find some training seminars or something for solidworks though, just in case
  15. Unigraphics, Catia , Solidworks are my favorites in that order
  16. man #$%# this program
  17. Thanks for the input, off to download five programs haha.
  18. Just don't use any of these programs for analysis.
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  20. I'm an Siemens NX (aka Unigraphics) user too.
  21. Is autocad what draper used to design that sweet garage full of sweet black corvette c4s?
  22. Catia and Solidworks >>>>>
  23. lol mclaren f1 and pt cruiser?
    the ay I remember it, would have been 3ds max
    but very, very poor use of the software
  24. Google SketchUp
  25. aside from the fact that it was really bad looking, it was massively unrealistic mainly due to an F1 and a PT Loser being in the same garage together.

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