Auto Motor Sport: CCX test

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    the koenigssegg ccx is one heck of a car all right it just look's gorgious and the engine a 4.7L twin supercharged V8 producing 900BHP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is insane all right i mean it look's the buggatti veyron look weak cause the veyron has a massive qaud turbo W16 with only 1001hp that's not very powerfull considering that you have 900hp in the koenigssegg's supercharged V8 and when top gear tested the koenigssegg it broke the lap record where as with volks wagon they obiously own buggatti along with audi bentley and lambo.volkswagon wont evan let top gear test the veyron on their track.know let's see why that is oh yes the veyron is almost 2tone's and volkswagon only desighned it for striaght line speeed what with the veyron lapping nurburgring in only 7.40 and you d expect somthin like 7.30 from a car with 1001hp my resource for the veyron laping nurburgring in 7.40 is and the koenigssegg ccx went round the nurburgring in 7.33 so i dont see what's so great about the veyron it's overrated all it doess is top 253mph along with fast acceleration and the koenigssegg ccxin that video it just sound's great.
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    WOW, you know so much about cars!!!

    Can you teach me?
  4. What a beast, love the fly by in the end. Thanks for posting!
  6. Is there a road test of this car? They always test it on a runway...
  7. yeah I love the huge exhaust flame at the end

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