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  1. Every time I watch one of those Discovery Channel shows or whatever, it seems like everybody's doing a really shitty job. Cutting this, welding that, bending something and bolting stuff to each other. Everything Gas Monkey ever does on TV always looks like it wouldn't last a month.
    On the other hand, there's a couple of British dudes that seem to be very detail-oriented who probably do a pretty good job.
  2. Wheeler Dealers? I like Wheeler Dealers.
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  3. As far as modifying cars/tuning cars "tv shows", the best ones are on YouTube. RoadKill is good for muscle stuff. MightyCarMods for your t0tally JDM y0 types
  4. I can't stand watching most of those shows just due to the rediculousness of some of the stuff being done. I'm also waiting for the tall english guy to smack the short english guy over the head for buying a peice of crap.
  5. I clicked this expecting a T-pain video or something
  6. I both love and hate the ridiculousness of those shows. Diesel brothers is one I been watching a bit. Absolutely ridiculous. But entertaining. And I imagine seeing one of their vehicles driving down the road and just how insane it'd be to pull up next to one of them.

    Edit: the biggest problem with the show is actually the guys and characters they play. Over the top Broness
  7. I would love to see them make a show about Icon. Their FJs are incredible.

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