Auto Union=Audi?

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  1. is that where audi came from?
  2. is that where audi came from?
  3. is that where audi came from?
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    close. Audi originally was part of a big 4 company car marque. 4 seperate companies where joined together to make these cars, ranging from fancy lux. cars for the rich, to these race cars. I don't know the complete story, but somewhere along the line the completely merged, and simply became Audi.
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    I think that 3 of the 4 companies where DKW, Horch and Audi.

    I can't remember the 4th.

    The name Audi went back, ruling all 4 companies, after a few years...
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    Horch, DKW, Audi & Wanderer made up the Auto-Union in Germany in 1932
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    Yep, that was the group.
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    a little car company trivia for y'all, (not that you all didn't know this by now lol). Herr August Horch founded the Horch auto company (this we know, though...btw, Horch means listen in German) but he left that company, went right next door and founded Audi too...(Audi is Latin for listen) since he couldn't name his new company Horch, he took his last name and translated it into Latin, thus begat Audi.
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    Auto Union had a short life but Audi is Italian!!!
    After they (4) united they moved to Torino and then to Igl.
    Proof???Well quattro means 4 and then so (in italian) AUDI is itaian Auto-Union-DI-Italia (Auto-Union-Of-Italia)
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    I believe Audi is's founder was German as well (Herr August Horch)
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    Yep Audi is German, it was founded by a German as mentioned and the cars were built in Germany. Audi is now part of the VW Audi group, VW is another German company, and the HQ is based in Germnay, so I would say the company was, is and will continue to be German.
  12. The above post says it all, its an acronym, there is no history or origin to the name, its still the Auto Union Deutchland Inglostadt company, it always was.
  13. Did nyone see the 1937 R352 streamliner that was based on the type C? It was tweaked up to over 700 BHP. Bernd Rosemeyer drove it to a world record speed of over 406 km/h (252.4 MPH) on the autobahn.
    Upon extracting himself from the car, Rosemeyer said he still had a few RPM to go and thought that it could go faster.
  14. short history overview...

    After Horch left his own company he founded at

    16.July.1909 the "August Horch Automobilwerke GmbH" in Zwickau Germany.
    soon after he started his second car company he was forbidden to use his own name Horch..
    25. April 1910 he renamed his new company in "Audi Automobilwerke GmbH"
    Audi name was born... as explained befor Horch means listen in german language and listen in latin is audi.
    This idea was born by a 10yo boy (Heinrich Fikentscher) the son of a friend of August Horch, the little boy was listening as his dad and Horch talked about the complication of the use of his name with his new car company..

    in 1915 Horch renamed his company from ?Audi Automobilwerke GmbH" into "Audi Werke AG"

    in 1928 they run into finacial problems and DKW jumped into the Audi company.

    in 1932 Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer formed the Auto Union.
    The leading company was DKW (at that time the largest motorbike producer in the world next to be car producer). They formed the Auto Union mainly to cut prodcution and development costs during the world finacial crisis of the 1930?s. The four rings symbole the four companys.

    in 1945 after ww2 the soviet destroyed the east German based Auto Union and put away all mashines and plants. In east Germany the history contiued into transfering the remaining plants into the VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau known for the ugly horrible Trabbi.... there the history ends in the east...

    but it continued in west Germany...

    Auto Union had some very smal plants in Munic, N?rnberg, Freiburg and Hannover.. not big enough to restart car production. But Auto Union had a huge advantage after the war over other german manufactors. The mass produced DKW build befor ww2 were mostly front wheel driven (DKW was the first company in the world building FWD cars and mass produce them), because they were FWD the cars were never taken away from private owners to be pressed in military service(happend to nearly all other private owned RWD car in Germany during the war). In Germany allone were after ww2 65,000 private owned DKW and a lot were exported befor ww2. Auto Union restarted its life after ww2 with spare part production for the remaining cars...

    in 1949-1950 the Auto Union were forced to be founded new... for law reasons. So they founded the company new in Ingolstadt west Germany... nearly all workers from their east German plants fled to the west Germany and rejoin the Auto Union in Ingolstadt were most of them found a new home and work.

    in 1958 Mercedes Benz bought 87% of Auto Union
    in 1959 Mercedes Benz raised their stocks to 100%
    in 1964 Volkswagen AG bought the Auto Union from Mercedes
    in 1964 Audi was reborn as a brand and recived the four Rings of Auto Union as a sign
    from 1965 till 1969 the main plant in Ingolstadt produced the VW K?fer.
    in 1965 the first Audi after ww2 was build the F103
    in 1965 engineers of Audi secretly developt WITHOUT green light from VW the Audi 100.. they presented the CEO of VW the ready car.. and he was amazed and gave green light for prodcution.
    in 1968 the Audi 100 hit the market
    in 1969 Audi merged with NSU and formed the "Audi NSU Auto Union AG"
    since 1985 it is remaned in "Audi AG"


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