AutoCar drives Aventador LP700-4 test mule

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by F50Fanatic, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Lamborghinis - scissor
    mclaren f1 - butterfly
    SLS - gullwing

    then you have weird ones like:

    aston martins - swan-wing (they open upwards at an angle of 12 degrees. it's aston's own definition)
    koenigsegg - dihedral synchro-helix
    BMW Z1 - vertical sliding

    etc etc, not going to go into detail
  2. these are scissor doors. way different than lamborghini doors.
  3. Thats how I always classified them.
    What else can be scissor doors? Gandini design doors are about as scissor motion as you can get.
  4. Those are VLS doors.
  5. better known as scissor doors.
  6. from wiki
    VLS doors have a scissor door configuration. The biggest difference is that they are designed to initially open slightly outward before opening upward to allow the top edge of the door to clear the door frame and A-pillar.[1] Although butterfly doors also move upwards and outwards, VLS doors are not butterfly doors, this is because VLS doors move outwards to a very small degree compared to the angle of butterfly doors.

    Dont know about your scissors, but mine only go up and down.
  7. yeah scissor doors are exactly how they are described there. they go outward first and then go up.
  8. no they don't. they just go up, like a lamborghini.

    I thought you'd stopped trolling?

    EDIT: they're marketed as "scissor" doors to lure the morons who get them installed on chryslers like the one in the pic into thinking they're getting "lambo doors" when as a matter of fact they're just not.
  9. How did you come to that conclusion? I mean terminology is sometimes a subjective thing, but theres no logical way that lamborghini doors are anything other than scissors. "lamborghini doors" itself is just a way of saying scissor doors.
  10. Exactly, marketing.

    Those bullshit doors the aftermarket companies sell are not very well defined as a certain type of door; theyre named whatever the company that made thinks will be the most effective name for sales.
    That out then up action is so they can make the doors go up without hitting the roof. It wouldnt exist if not for aftermarket.
  11. It is ugly, Give me a Ford GT any day of the week. And it is American to boot. This car is just ok, not even that fast compared to the SCC
  12. Go back to the indies.
  13. god there are a few retards in here.

    that whole swan-wing thing annoys me. AM are so far up their own arses.
  14. shit troll is shit.
  15. there's doors
    then there's unusual doors
    the rest is marketing shit
  16. in b4 Adrian aka Lamboswingdoors
  17. Except, they serve a good purpose.
    First of all, they keep the door from getting curbed when parked. They also dont come out as far, since Aston Martin's doors are quite long.

    Another thing about Aston Martin's doors, not sure if its related to the swan aspect of it or not, they dont have any hiccups when you open them; its one smooth motion.
  18. i love the way their doors open. when my neighbour brought an AMV8 home from work (he designed the bootlid and front wings - it was the 5th one off the production line) he let me look aroud it. really nice mechanism
  19. Those are retard doors...
  20. they indeed are.
  21. Swan doors are like the better version of conventional doors. They're awesome.
  22. thank you captain obvious.

    it's clear from my post that i hate them for dubbing them 'swan doors'.
  23. scissor doors clip the foreskin off my peanaus
  24. Actually it wasnt obvious, but ok. The name is actually pretty nice in my opinion.
  25. it's beyond pretentious. perhaps you could explain which of power, beauty or soul it should be filed under?

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