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    but its got a great torque curve<!-- Signature -->
  2. Why the hell does Merc. make all of their best cars automatic? (CLK, SL) I don't understand it and it bothers me. Sure they make some of their cars manual (SLK, C-Class) but I mean how amazing would an AMG SL-500 be with a manual transmission? Manual is just so much more fun to drive.
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    mercedes realizes that the biggest market for their high end cars is north america and the majority american buyers in this price range WANT automatics. for mercedes to import a manual transmission the car has to pass all federal testing again and for the quantity it would sell mercedes cant justify the cost. plus look at the numbers benz is putting out with their automatics, and automatic bmw can't touch it, it fact bmw won't send an automatic to car testers to compare. merc knows that at high speeds and cornering its best to have both hands on the wheel. now, the SL55AMG with shift buttons for your thumbs...<!-- Signature -->

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