Automobile Excellence in Reims - sep,12-14

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    Reims is once again hosting the Weekend of Automobile Excellence (September 12th-14th). The capital of the Champagne region has a long and respected association with motorsport and it celebrates that history with this spectacular event for cars and motorcycles from 1925-1969.

    The historic pits and grandstand will form the backdrop to a host of fabulous demonstrations, along with fireworks and air displays, plus a VIP Village and Commercial Village. The 2007 weekend unforgettably saw Jean Alesi at the wheel of the Fangio Mercedes W196 ‘Streamliner’, and the former Ferrari F1 star will be in action again at the 2008 event.

    Sponsors include Champagne Pommery and Mercedes-Benz, and participants whose cars or motorcycles are accepted will enjoy three demonstration sessions and a hospitality package that includes the official dinner at the Domain Pommery. Full details of what promises to be a very glamorous celebration of historic motorsport can be found at

  2. damn knee surgery
    else i would have been there last year for their inaugral event
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