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  1. Nothing has been built that is more amazing than the cars from auto-houses such as Bently, Rolls, Cadillac, and the fabled Bugatti, Deusenburg, and Auburn. The flowing lines, the power, the speed (for their day), the massive hand-crafted engines! These works of art are more exciting then any speed marvel of today.
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    It was unfortunate that Bentley was sold to Rolls, as it completely retarded the brand. Notice Bentley's racing history before 1931, winning LeMans in 1926, '28, '29, and '30 (I think). The Speed Six was great, developed because of the rivalry b/t Rolls and Bentley (Bentley was originally developing a 4.25 liter 6 when a prototype Rolls pulled up next to the prototype Bentley. They both raced across the country side, but the Bentley just couldn't get the Rolls of its tail, hence the englargement of the I6 to 6.5 liters and later 8-liters). Plus, the Speed Six was one of the most fabled racecars, winning LeMans numerous times, even after the 4.5 Blower Bentley had been slated to win. I have riden in the Speed Six's biger brother, the 8-Liter and I must say, it is as quiet and swift as anything on the road today, and much better appointements, too!
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    I am sure that you have heard the news that Bentley is splitting from Rolls Royce to become its own company. Just thought I would share that if you were not aware already. I feel it will give Bentley the freedom it needs to pursue anything it desires. It is also the begining of the next big thing.<!-- Signature -->
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    very beautiful...a definite piece of Autmotive Art, and with HP and brute to back it up....
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    I think art is too subjective to put a car under its title.
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    how similar is this to the legendary "blue train" bentley? aren't they the same model, or at least close?
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    didn't a bentley car win le mans this year
  9. the bentley of before were the great ones winning le mans numerous times, the split from rolls wil be good for them

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