Automotive photographer better than I

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by Walperstyle, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. Sounds good lol
  2. I have 10D Canon ....with Canon lens 70-200mm IS USM
    and 100-400mm IS USM
  3. ^if your doing automotive, get a wide angle. You will love it a lot more.

    But keep the 400mm for the race events
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    I have a Digital Rebel with EF-S 18-55mm lens. Just got a polarizer and lens hood today.

    Some of my work:
  5. I use Canon 17-40mm wide angle IS USM and Canon 550EX flash..visit my website
  6. Nice lucky bastard.
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    Nice photos I really like them.

    Do you have photoshop? If you do you should try using the burn tool on that over exposed light on the wall in the first photo.
  8. whos that guy on the bike under people pics? Its a nice bike.
  9. Walper, your photos aren't even close to as good.
  10. this is for anyone who wants those cxr pics CLEAN without the shockwave menu titles, etc.

    these pics are all shockwave files, therefore, these files are sitting on you PC once you double-click to view them, make a note of the time you did this:

    it's harder to find when using MSIE, especially because 'temporary internet' folder content is so large, it works much better with another browser:

    MOZILLA, a better solution:
    if you happen to use netscape/mozilla family of browsers, then look in the 'cache', as follows:

    C:\Documents and Settings\[your userid]\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\default\iconnita.slt\Cache

    click on the date/time column so that it sorts from newest at top to oldest at bottom.

    these files have very cryptic names (jumbled letters and numbers) without any extensions, and are usually close in size to a jpeg picture file, not something on the order of just 10kb, but rather roughly 70kb up to 280kb.

    copy the file into your desktop, rename them to the car picture name, with an extension 'swf', then right-click 'opening with' MSIE, which works best. you'll notice that the shockwave image expands as large as your monitor setting, so if you crank it up to the max setting you have, this is ideal. then expand your MSIE browser to fullscreen mode, THEN do a print screen...

    (i cranked my settings up to 1600x1200, just for this demo purpose only, then returned it back to 1152x864)

    the rest is up to you, save the printscreen as a jpg file.
    if you have a photoviewer like irfanview, it's a breeze, because it allows you to also crop the photo to leave out the 'white space' around the shockwave image.

    attached are 2 examples (i don't know if this forum allows pics that large; i will downsize if restrictions exist)

    Lamborghini Murcielago by Yoshifumi Ogawa (Y.O.):
    1) 1430 x 1079
    2) 1567 x 857

  11. I was thinking the same.

  12. thanks for the constructive feedback :p

  13. It's true. If photos were wrestling than 19 GODFATHER 86's would have beaten yours in the head with a folding chair.
  14. take a screenshot and then crop off everything but the car

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