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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by american cars r king, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. true
  2. im gunna try and go see it in IMAX. ive been waitin on this flick for a long time
  3. I cant see those 3d movies. It is a shame. All I see are two images skewed. My eyes are #$%#ed up.
  4. 00 gayge in the ear
  5. Does the necklace say "TWAT"?
  6. I just saw this, i found it incredibly boring. Also the 3d really wasnt worth the extra money, it only gave a tiny bit of increased depth perception.
  7. You probably didnt like it because there were no profitable bars
  8. You couldn't afford the extra $1.00 for the 3D glasses? Damn..

    I saw it last night, thought it was pretty good. Best visual effects ever.

    Our projector died at about 20 mins in lol.
  9. You are definitely going to realise that you're gay one day.
  10. Haha, yours too? At least it didn't die at the climactic ending like mine did.

    Btw, I agree with Jurassic Park. The CGI was one of the first and still probably the best, over 15 years later.
  11. You saw Twilight New Moon? lol
  12. um ya
    he's gay
  13. Just saw it in 3D.

    Best movie I`ve seen in the last years
  14. You should probably see more movies.
  15. *Mounts high horse*

    "I only watch movies that are show at independent film theaters, thankyou very much!"

    *Dismounts high horse*
  16. regardless. his still right.
  17. going to see it tonight... should i see in 2d (the group want to) or 3d?
  18. going to see it tonight... should i see in 2d (the group want to) or 3d?
  19. o he's burner? that explains a lot.
  20. Definitely 3d.
  21. ja but downroaded as cam rip :-(
  22. is it worth in 3d? cause I watched ice age 3 in 3d and thought it sucked ... :-(
  23. 3d movies are so 80's/90's.
  24. we have snow here now too, yaay
  25. wtf? no

    3D is so 50's/2000's

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