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  1. There are nicer Viper tunners out there.<!-- Signature -->
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    I agree i think the hennessy is the best. But this is not too bad.
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    Hennessey is OK. But this car has more hp than any tested normally aspirated Hennessey Venom. (Forget what this website says, this Viper makes 725 hp.)
    And it's quicker. (Forget what this website says, this Viper gets to 60 in 3.3 seconds. 100 in 6.6 seconds. Quarter mile in 11.0 seconds at 134 mph. All of this done on stock Michelin Pilots, too. Hennessey's 650R, which is mainly aimed at roadracing/auto-X and wears semi-racing Hoosiers, is slower.)

    Lingenfelter does need to mod the suspension and brakes, however. Simple enough, though. I'd bet you could do all of this and still be below what Hennessey asks for the 650R.
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    Only .95 on the skidpad? I thought Vipers got over 1g? And 9127cc, damn thats a big engine!! <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
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    Yup, Dodge made the engine so it that it will accept boring and stroking very easily. There are actually plenty of guys driving around in 600-hp Vipers, which is the result of some basic modifications: filters, smoother intakes, minor head porting, headers, heavier duty valvetrain, etc. All of this, in addition to opening up the bottom end, will yield the figures you see here, and the 777-hp delivered by the TNT King Snake.

    .95g is on the lower end of the scale for Vipers. Most typically, they are in the .98g-1.01g range. On occasion they've pulled 1.01g Like when MT did it in '97 for its comparo; of course the F355 tested at the same time also managed 1.01g. The next year, the Viper again pulled 1.01g, but the F355 F1 was down to .97g. The next year, the Viper managed .98g, same as the Carrera 4 tested at the same time. In '00, the ACR pulled .99g, second only to the Mustang Cobra R (1.00g), a car that has pulled a best of 1.02g in C&D. Best I've seen for a Viper is a 1.02g done by R&T on the Viper GTS-R/GT2 limited edition Viper. But that is an aberration, so I don't include it, just as I don't include the lower end of the scale. It's a safe bet to say that most Vipers coming off the dealer lot will pull .98g-1.01g, and skidpad conditions and temperatures play a minor role here as well.

    The old Gen I Viper RT/10's with only 400 hp and very rudimentary suspension settings really only averaged about .92g or so. The Gen II that came out in '96 improved things quite a bit: faster, more comfortable and refined, better handling with revised aluminum suspension components. And .97g's worth of grip:
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    Nice.<!-- Signature -->
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    im gonna stick with the websites statistics which have been gathered by many professionals instead of yours. true that there are better tuners than henessy and than this tho.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from the stang tamer</i>
    <b>im gonna stick with the websites statistics which have been gathered by many professionals instead of yours. true that there are better tuners than henessy and than this tho.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    LOL, there are so many stats on this site which are wrong!<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah supercars said that the Z06 has the same 0-60 (3.9) but it realy has a 0-60 of 4.0<!-- Signature -->
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    Rounded to the nearest tenth of a second, as everybody says because a few hundredths of a second is not much diff, it's 4.1<!-- Signature -->
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    in Sports car international, AUG/SEPT 2000, they tested the lingenfelter viper, and got 0- 60 in 2.9 secs. i would rather trust this mag than this site, because it once said a bentley or something had like 4000- 6000 hp. that turned out to be the range in which the power came. just tellin you all not to trust hte site. maybe im lookin at some other viper, but not too many different things are from lingenfelter. RWHP: 580, same for torque. dont feel like reading through the article again, but this might have been achieved with different tires. not sure. anyways, peace.

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