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  1. Only 6 ever made. Originally they were standard Shelby Cobras that had been wrecked. Shelby then took the chassis and created these 6 new cars from them. Aside from the Ferrari GTO, this is without a doubt the most sought-after car in the world. Wanna hear a horrible story? Well, I'll tell ya anyway. After they were retired from racing they were sold off to private collectors for around $26,000 back in the 60's. One was purchased by a man and left to his wife when he died. The woman (who was literally crazy) knew what she had but would not sell it or even let anyone view the car. It just disappeared from sight. Several years later the crazy woman drowned and skinned her own pets before committing suicide and the Daytona Coupe was lost. Eventually, while scouting her old home, some people went to the barn out back and found it sitting there.....rusting. The car hadn't moved in 30 or so years! The tires had rotted off, the engine was shot, and things were growing and living inside the remains. Luckily the $6,000,000 car was snapped up quickly and is now being restored to it's original condition. But how can anyone be so stupid?! The stupid lady knew what she had, so why did she treat it the way she did? We cannot have that kind of stupidity infesting our society. Anyway, the car is in good hands now so we can all relax.
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    ack, left it to rot? blasphemy! I'm glad they're restoring back to original condition. I can't say I'm glad she killed herself... just that she should have sold the car a long time ago to someone who would at least keep the rust off it
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    Fast as lighting for that time
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    whats with the base price?
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    dear lord are you kidding me? WOW...all I have to say is, Carroll Shelby is to the Cobra, as Zora Arkus-Duntov was to the Corvette..both made their respective machines immortal
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    holy crap i could bye one and smoke a ferrari and it was built in the 60's god i want it
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    All I can say is "phew". I was on the edge of my seat with your story. I was so worried. Well anyway thank god they found it and its classic state of perfection will never be abused again. How could you drive a 6 million dollar car down the road. In traffic you would be worried about every little thing going to damage the car. I would go crazy. Most likely it will go into someones private collection to shine all waxed and purdy, or an auto museum.
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    well apparently the old lady was completely insane
    and she comitted suicide and skinned her pets blahblahblah
    BUT THE CAR!!!!

    THE CAR!!!!
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    a lot of rare cars end up in barns just like that one did. People just dont know what they really have.
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    Cool Car fast to
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    my granddad owns one of these. he has never driven it though.
  13. Good looking cars are ment to be taken car of not left to rust in a barn.

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