Awesome new kit car - Superlite Coupe

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  1. Superlite Coupe(SL-C) Spec Sheet
    Updated June 24, 2008

    Rolling Kit Package: $43,995
    (suspension hung, steering fitted, brake calipers & rotors fitted, brake lines in situ, body pinned & aligned, wheels & tires fitted)

    Aluminium Tig welded
    6-point roll cage utilising DOM CNC bent seamless steel tubing
    Left-Hand or Right-Hand Drive
    Engine bay will accept any longitudinal engine trans package
    Seat Belt mounts included

    CNC billet aluminum unequal length upper and lower arms front & rear
    CNC billet aluminum uprights front & rear
    Pushrod rear suspension
    QA1 Aluminum Double Adjustable Shocks - truly independent double adjustable with 24 compression & 24 rebound adjustments with evenly spaced valving changes.
    QA1 Springs

    Full Electric Tilt & Adjustable in/out Steering Column
    Collapsible steering column
    Quick release steering wheel

    6 piston calipers front & rear, 330mm 2 piece vented & slotted rotors on front, 300mm 2 piece vented & slotted rotors on the rear
    Triple pedals in stainless steel with master cylinders and brake bias adjuster
    CV joint stub axles
    Stainless steel brake lines with Braided flexible lines

    Cooling & Fuel
    Aluminium radiator
    Twin electric fans
    Stainless steel cooling tubes
    15 gallon(60lt) fuel tank mid mounted behind seat per Le Mans spec

    Front: 18x9.5 multi-spoke aluminum
    Rear: 18x11 multi-spoke aluminum
    Note: Tires supplied by customer

    Digital Dash 2 Pro+ with data logging, 2-axis G-sensors, infra-red lap timer receiver & optional GPS for track
    Headlights, tail lights, indicators
    Mirrors with LED high mount turn signals
    20 circuit colour coded wiring harness
    Wiper Package

    Production car style dash moulding
    Cable gear shifter
    Custom fiberglass seats
    Functional roof scoop feed cabin with aircraft style vents
    AC system with heater
    Windows can be supplied so that they will hinge down or completely fixed
    Accomodates up to 6' 4" driver

    High quality gelcoat body panels with gloss finish
    Stainless steel alignment pins
    All body parts are fitted and aligned
    Vertical opening doors
    DOT windscreen
    Hinged rear glass for engine access
    Lexan for side windows & headlight covers (cut to size with edges polished)
    All required handles and latches
    4 - 4.5 inches ground clearance with removable side skirts and front spoiler for track package
    Supplied with front spitter, side skirts, rear diffuser & chassis mounted adjustable rear wing
    Choice of gelcoat colours for body: Light blue, Dark Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, White

    Width: 74 inches (1880mm)
    Height: 43 inches (1092mm)
    Length: 168 inches (4267mm) - excluding rear wing
    Weight: less than 1000kg's depending on options & engine choice

    All of the above is included in the standard package

    Optional Extras
    Handbrake Assembly
    Full trimmed production quality interior
    FIA bladder style fuel tanks
    Sway bars front & rear
    Wheels –18x10(F), 18x13(R) rotory forged aluminum. Available in painted or satin finish.

    Engine selection is left to your imagination. We can certainly recommend & assist in supplying a Chev LS series engine. How about an LS7? 427ci, 500HP+, dry sump, a race engine for the street. Or if you want some japanese technology, how about a twin turbo charged Lexus V8.

    Gearbox selection is also left to your imagination. Popular choices are the Porsche G50 gearboxes and due to generous engine bay you can even fit the physically larger & stronger Ricardo(Ford GT) gearboxes. We can also assist in sourcing appropriate gearboxes.

    Body quality that is industry leading. The photographed black vehicle has gelcoat body panels that feature high gloss finish and perfect gapping straight out of the mould.

    Security & Safety is provided by design. The doors have a locking key mechanism and you cannot remove/hinge the tail with the doors locked. The coolant pipes run down the outside of the cockpit. The kit is supplied standard with a 6 point cage with additional rear longitudinal braces. Removeable door bars are also available for fitment during track days. Collapsible steering column, centralised fuel tank, over-sized brakes and the list goes on.

    Turnkey build time including paint is quoted at 200hrs. The SL-C kit was designed from the ground up to be a very quick and easy vehicle to construct. Kits can be supplied from the factory at any build stage, including complete turnkey.

    Compliance is an important factor when it comes to ease of registration. The SL-C was built with world wide compliance in mind, from the use of approved glass and lighting, front splitter with an approved radius for safety, compliant digital instrument cluster, compliant latches and the list of compliant features just goes on.

    Interior trim quality is an important part of every street car. RCR will be providing as an opton, a fully trimmed production Supercar type interior, where you have a choice of colours and whether you want leather or ultra-suede.

    Payment is via installments. 50% deposit is required on order. Remaining 50% payment is due when the kit is ready to ship. Click here for the order form.
  2. Really awesome
  3. Looks like a 90s GT1 Le Mans racer for the road.
  4. It seems like such a bargain
  5. Yea, figure like $20,000 in engine/transmission and you've still got a car that costs less than a Z06.
  6. Looks hot without headlights. I wonder how fast people can make these go.
  7. Not sure what road you think you could go down with that thing.
  8. God I love vehicles like this. In all honesty when I decide to drop real money on a car it'll be hard to not pick this or one of the other stupid light, uber fast kit cars over a normal production car. I mean you just get sooo much for the money it's insane. PLUS they're usually cooler looking/more exotic than a vette or whatever you'd get for the same money. Faster+Cooler Looking+More Pimpin'=WIN WIN WIN
  9. how many threads about this car are going to be made?
    Not that its a bad car or anything.
  10. You know what? I'd still rather have the GTM.
  11. Cool, but I still rather have a GTM.
  12. looks like the Mazda Furari in some sense.
  13. A roller GTM is like $20k less than roller superlite
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  16. unassembled
  17. ROLLING CHASIS nigga. It costs dick to have an engine/tranny installed.
  18. It has 4" of ground clearance, same as GT40 replicas, and they're street driven.
  19. It's a GTR killer
  20. this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> mosler
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  22. Yeah I like this car a lot, still a toss up between this and the GTM, this has a very sleek exterior. What is the weight of the GTM btw?
  23. looks a bit like a Radical from behind
  24. This is #$%#ing old

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