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  1. This is defintely a bad-ass car out of europe, these models are more on looks on speed, and they are pretty much affordable as long as you don't by a new one!!
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    yeah, best lotus in my opinion
    but i wouldnt actually say that its affordable :)
    the 97 model isnt bad either.
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    2nd most beautiful car ever. Lotus M250, of course, being the best. Having driven a '98 Elise, these things are beyond phenominal. I'm obsessed with them<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah even though i don't like Lotus a lot, i have to say this care is awesome<!-- Signature -->
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    I have this car its very nice, light and lovely. babe magnet!!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    '300ZXmaniak' all the way!

    But European cars win every time...
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    its not that expensive.<!-- Signature -->
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    I heard that this car is supposed to be coming to the US in a year or two. Anyone else heard this? There's a dealer in Hamburg Germany that does a pretty good turbo Elise...I wonder if they export...Hmmmmmm
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    I'll be getting one anytime now...
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    Its really decent a class car!!!!!!!
    <!-- Signature -->
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    I really hope it comes to the states, we need some stuff like this
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    yeah this car is definitely cool, not that expensive, but still (sadly) out of my price range
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    This is defenetly one hell of a car. look at the the preformance with only 120 horses. that is a car to apreciate. not like the viper its has soo much power...well it better go fast duhh.<!-- Signature -->
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    i'm likin the new aggressive lookin lights. i'm not too cool with the 2 front intakes though, they almost look lke nostrils, extremely lightweight, i could see one losing control very easily on wet roads. not too bad though, i give it a 7/10. i 2001 lotus espiritis the best lotus on the planet.
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    Its good to handle on wet roads...<!-- Signature -->
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    elise loose control on wet grounds??? not likly if are a good driver..i think this is the best handling car in the world..belive it<!-- Signature -->
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    maybe a slightly bigger engine though...
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    All I have to say is,"ME FIRDT, GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!"
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    these things have good handiling- at least when wheaving through London traffic
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    AS a mid engined car, it can be prone to the pendulum effect - as with the Elise S1. Lift off oversteer is a possibility, particularly in the wet, and when the back starts to come round you need to know how to cope with it, or its an expensive trip to the armco.

    That said, Lotus engineered in some understeer with this S2 Elise, to make it a more forgiving drive. This hasn't sacrificed the quality of the handling according to owners, but I know of many who, after the initial running in period (1000 miles), end up going backwards into a hedge. Seems like a rites-of-passage for us Elise owners ;-)

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