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  1. I think this car is one of Alfa's best to date....

    Great power from a normally aspirated 4 liter V8
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    I agree wholeheartedly. Brilliant engine, with looks to match. The Audi RS6 engine pales by comparison, in my opinion...a larger engine, biturbo, and only 30kW more? Turn it up. The only small-block engine which impresses me more is that found in BMW's GTR Strassenversion; a 4 litre which unleashes 330-odd kilowatts. Alfa looked like they might have just got their act together...and then the Brera was axed. Pity.
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    Awesome!! go alfa build this mother
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    sweet car. i love those euro gear boxes.
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    Very nice indeed.
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    love it, best car ever, mirrors dont mach though
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    This car is awesome! I would love for it to be built but I seriously think it will never happen.
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    I wonder how it'll do with a turbo or two. And is that V8 gonna be in an Alfa soon?
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    the styling is the best ever.
  10. Yes, it's awesome.

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