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  1. Really hot design!
    It's really sadthis car never got produced.
  2. There's no rear window and no side mirrors, lol
  3. Not the safest of cars, I'd imagine. Visual would suck and there doesn't look like there'd be much room inside. I also doubt due to it's size that it'd hold a 440 or a 426, probably just a 383. It does look cool, though.
  4. It looks like it has a rear window to me.
  5. Reminds me of those Mask cars, that you could totally aeroplanify as well, depending on which one you had of course. This one would be Raven.
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  7. I really do hate this car. It is so UGLY.
  8. Cool looking, but it's a 2 on the "practical" scale of 1-10 lol...

    Concept cars are always supposed to be a bit over the top, just to show off, so whatever.
  9. you're right, but it still looks nice.

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