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    That's why the handling is 0.94g, Moron.this is directed at the idiot who claims he has one. I've ridden in one and it handles beautifully at high speed but sluggish in city traffic. You were probably driving your pinto thinking it was a lambo.<!-- Signature -->
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    i agree, i saw one of these at the car wash, and they are amazing, but that 1 was red and an 89 i think. these cars are amazingly fast, but thats a lambo. these cars have heritage, and i come from the same country as the lambos. its sumtin in the blood that atracts me to the car. some say its nos, others say its that sound of the v12.
    Im only 12 so leave me alone !
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    you guys think this one is awsome, check this one out
  4. That white one is frickin awsome. It looks kinda like a space shuttle. I really like the countach styling, the shape and angles on it really make it stand out. Lamborghinis are awsome, but a little out of my price range. Does anyone know how much older ones would cost?
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    i don't know but it would probably go over 300 000 grand for a good one. this is a beautiful car!<!-- Signature -->
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    HOLY $HIT! 300,000 i thought that it would be cheper for an old one. Oh well i geuss that ill just have to start a lemonade stand till i get the money. That should take about 300,000 years or so........

    I can dream can't i?
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    i love it!!!!!
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    You just gotta love this car...

    keep the faith<!-- Signature -->
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    Truly the car that gave new meaning to the term "exotic" and still after all this years this car is still ahead of its time.

    Truly a work of art.
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    That's what Bertone can do!Maybe the best sportscar that was biult from 1976-1989.
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    This car is really Awesome (I tried to find another word, but i couldn't) in fact, Countach is a word from Italy that means Awesome, Incredible 'n' stuff like that.
    Bertone really kicked ass on this one. It's still a futurist design (the 1st prototype, destroyed on a crash test, is 31 years old now).
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    I just got one of these cars a few weeks back. The car has AMAZING speed but it handles poorly. I was drag racing with one of my friends and he had a Honda s2002. I was beating him pretty badly but when I turned, i nearly flipped. It was so unresponsive, I had to turn the steering wheel really hard and the car almolst killed me!<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah they COST $118,000.00USD when they came out, really cheap (jalpa's cost 50,000)
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    First off, did the S2000 think he had a chance?
    Anyway, this is the first car I really fell in love with. I saw one the other day and I as in awe. It was the best looking car out of that time and is still one of the best.<!-- Signature -->
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    Still one of the best!!!
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    I can't believe you people, this is a great car but no where near ahead of its time. What are you on??? it looks good but the car can barely break 0-60 in 6 sec. A car like the 1978 Porsche Turbo could crack it in 5 seconds flat and did that car handle. Especially when the Porsche was $34,000 US and the Countach 118,000 (but theres always changes with currency). Even your 70's muscle cars although they didn't handle all that well could come close to those figures ex:

    Plymouth Superbird = 5.7 sec
    69 Chev Corvette = 6.1 sec
    Chev Stingray = 6.4

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    This is the best supercar ever.......maybe even better than the SUPRA!!! Helll I'll take that back but this car is so supraaaa.... the car is the standard of all supercars of today, because every supercar of today wants to challenge this! But no car will ever beat this!!!!
    Lamborghini's 4ever! <!-- Signature -->
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    im not sure about the price ranges, but i do know that this car does look awesome as you said. this is a huge head turner, but about prices, i think that they are much lower now do to age and style, but i think the anneversiary ones remain at high prices.
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    the price of the countach has dropped alot... there is one on ebay 1989 with 28,000 miles on it. its red and its absolutely beautiful. it is selling for $54,000.

    ok now on to Injected... WTF are you talking about? "some say its nos, others say its that sound of the v12". i think your trying to get someone to quote you in their sig.
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    What's the car in rocky 4 after Appolo dies
    is it a countach

    Sorry my ignorance been a long time I didn’t see it
  22. gallardos and murcielagos look too sloppy and are pathetically ugly

    countach is the hottest car in the world
  23. saw one crash before
  24. Either you love this car or your just a hater, this car is legend, a standard and always will be remebered as the car that put the mark on what a super car should be since it;s existence. Every sports/super car enthusiast or car maker that has ever seen this car has attempted to do something big/better for one reason --- they saw this car and were inspired. Nuff said

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