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  1. U dont know how many girls u'd get in this car, take my word you would get alot of sweet pie, all the guys know what the hell im talking about, get one its worth it..............

    i guess i know many cars you could get more hoes in<!-- Signature -->
  3. Re: BABE MAGNET a girl
    its a an ok car
    fact remaining that half of the gurlz dun know about engines and shit
    and the looks are ud b beta of wit some dun up jack ass box
    trust me....all ma girlz dun give a fk about engines and only look at hte appearence...and whene ever they see one like this they rekon its gross..i own a supra...and they like it beta even thou this is a porshe <!-- Signature -->

    dude you suck if you need a car to pick up chicks you must have fallen out the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

    I will admit that it's easier to get attention from girls if you're driving a nice car. But what kind of girls are these anyway? The kind who like appearances and material things like a fast car. First of all, a girl says stuff like "nice car" or whatever she is not actually considering sleeping with you because of it, unless she is a hooker.

    I truly am dissatisfied that your login is "Dr. Porsche" and you talk about using cars to get chicks. That was the last thing the real Dr. Porsche was about. He was a great engineer who set out at first to make a car that everybody could drive- the first Volkswagen Beetle- and afterwards set out to make cars fun. Under his leadership, Porsche dominated racing, applied turbocharging to street cars, and led the sports car market.

    If you just want a car that's a babe magnet, you don't have to spend all of the extra money on the 996 and pay for the excellent engineering that makes a truly capable sports car. Just get a Boxster automatic and paint it bright yellow. It'll say Porsche on the hood and nobody but the most discriminating prostitue will know the difference.

    WHO CARES!!! as long as you get a chick on your dick what else matters? I am just being honest but if you but a carrera to attract girls then you are whacked. Girls can tell the difference between a passat and an Audi A6 and you want them to tell a porsche apart from a ferrri or whatever? girls dont know cars and engines so any nice looking cars would be good for them<!-- Signature -->

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