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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by nishav, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. lol damn hope my mom wont walk in
  2. you didnt answer my question, chubby.
  3. oh i like tina fey
  4. +1
  5. I used to be with someone some years ago, we both broke because our characters didn't get along. But even before that,when I was single I had sex with some of the nicest girls of my area. Knowing how your face is ugly, the women you consider beautiful are just ugly fat skangs with pig lips like most of the english sluts have.You should never assume what you never know. I have nothing to prove you or anyone else on this site. You always claim a superiority but which is in fact just a typical beyond level mediocrity.
  6. #$%#ing V3. This site cant handle pics bigger than 1MB. Need to make a thread about this in Suggestions
  7. Is this the loser way of admitting he hasnt had sex in years? I think if we take your paragraph, and substitute the word prostitute for girls, we have a far more accurate picture of what is going on. As for me, dont even compare yourself. a) you have no idea what i look like b) chances are I've had sex with more French girls than you by a long shot c) when i say beautiful, i mean beautiful, as in something that you will never, ever, ever attain. Ever.
  8. I am going to get to pool money so Hemi can come and rape you with his knives
  9. Will you stop bugging Hemi. This has gone long enough.

    Stop it, for #$%# sake!!
  10. no this is the loser way ^^^^^^^^
  11. Lol, you're always bragging on the internet about all the places you've been and all the women you've had. You must feel really good about yourself.
  12. Thread needs moar gingers.

    And moar Kate Beckinsale.
  13. Im not the one going on about stabbing people in the neck. You tell whoever is pretending to be him to stop being a retard.... hold on a second... French speaking.... broken English... are you hemi?

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